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A trailer has been released for Paramount Pictures’ Organ Trail, a snowbound horror Western reaching theatres this weekend

Last week, we learned that Paramount Pictures’ horror Western project with the brilliant title Organ Trail (inspired by the real life Oregon Trail, a wagon route that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon back in the 1800s) had earned an R rating for “strong violence, language and some sexual references.” Now a trailer for the film has arrived online – and this trailer reveals the surprising news that Organ Trail is getting a limited theatrical release on April 14th. This movie will be playing in theaters tomorrow! You can take a look at the trailer in the embed above.

Michael Patrick Jann (Drop Dead Gorgeous) directed Organ Trail from a screenplay by Meg Turner. The story revolves around a young Abigale, who is friendless and alone during a brutal Montana winter in the 1870s. She fights for survival, and to retrieve her only earthly possession, a family horse, from a group of bloodthirsty robbers.

The film stars Zoe De Grand Maison (Riverdale), Olivia Applegate (Driven), Cle Bennett (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Nicholas Logan (Creepshow), Sam Trammell (Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem), Jessica Frances Dukes (Ozark), and Mather Zickel (Better Things). Zickel plays Pa Archer. “A gaunt, imposing figurehead with a commanding and compassionate energy.” Jann produced

Organ trail with David Codron. As Deadline informed us last year, Jann “served as an executive producer and director for the series Reno 911!, also exec producing Flight of the Conchords and Little Britain for HBO, and directing episodes of Wayne for Amazon and Daybreak for Netflix. Jann is best known on the film side for directing the cult-classic beauty mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous.” While he directed episodes of horror comedy shows like Daybreak, Reaper, and Ghosted, it appears that this is his first full-on horror project.I have been looking forward to

Organ Trail with great interest, since I usually enjoy it when the horror and Western genres get mixed together. I’m glad to know that the release of Organ trail

is almost here. Will you watch this movie? Please let us know what you think by leaving a message below.

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