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Source: Courtesy of Clara Films

Clara Larrain

Clara Larrain’s Chilean production outfit Clara Films has optioned screen rights to Argentinian writer Tatiana Goransky’s novel To Love You Less (Quisiera Amarte Menos).

The novel centres on the perspectives of six characters as they navigate their way through an emotionally and sexually heightened plot.

“I read Tatiana’s book during the pandemic and for a while I couldn’t decide if I loved it or if it was just too uncomfortable. But the fact is, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I knew I needed to adapt it to the screen,” said Larrain, who will serve as executive producer and, working closely with Goransky, assemble a team of writers and creatives.

“Tatiana’s raw writing does not obey any rule or genre and speaks directly to human instincts. She doesn’t judge the characters, but just lets them be. “Clara first approached me in 2021 when the book was published in Argentina,” said Goransky. “At that moment, I was in the middle of a small bidding war for the rights of

To Love You Less but didn’t feel that the artistic side of the project was being taken care of, so I ended up not signing with any of the other producers.“Clara was refreshing. She told me what she liked about the book, and instead of talking money, she spoke about the characters. It may seem obvious, but this is not the case. It is usually about the contract and the percentages but less about the possibility of translating the book universe to the screen.”

Clara Films is lining up a co-production with Canada’s December Films and Colombia’s Productora LAP on the bilingual dramedy

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Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch