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Tubi is a free streaming service that offers a ridiculously large selection of films. Many of them are available in high-definition high-quality transfers. They are also one of the few services that pay filmmakers well and are open to films with smaller budgets. The films are presented with ads but it is a small cost to pay for such a wide selection of entertaining films. It’s also fun to browse their genres, which is similar to browsing the video store of old. Here’s a list with five fun action films on Tubi. It’s like a “Staff Suggestions section” at your local Mom & Pop Video Store.

Crackerjack (1996)

The very first of a series mid-budget action films. Each movie featured a different leading actor, with Judge Reinhold as the unlikely action hero for the first sequel. This film takes place at a ski resort, where a cop is on vacation when terrorists attack. He must save the day. The story is simple, the stunts fun, the lines cheesy and the performances passable. This is a fun film starring Thomas Ian Griffith, Nastassjakinski, and Christopher Plummer. Yes, it’s Christopher Plummer. It may seem like a strange mix of people, but it is. Michael Bafaro, Jonas Quastel, and Micheal Mazo wrote this film. Michael Mazo directed it and has seven feature films as well as two Ninja Turtle episodes to his credit. His career may have been limited, but his work is still enjoyable. This is the type of film you can watch with popcorn and a clear mind during a snowstorm. And, if you want to see what

Cobra Kai

Thomas Ian griffith crackerjack

‘s Terry Silver was like as an action star, here’s your chance.Accident Man (2018) Scott Adkins, the late Ray Stevenson, Michael Jai White, Ray Park should be all one needs to know to pick this one up. It’s bound to be fun with a cast that impressive. Add to that the fact that they all end up fighting Adkins and you know you have a great time. The fights in this film are top-notch and director Jesse V. Johnson proves that he is a master at working with such a large cast. This was written by Adkins in collaboration with Stu small from the Pat Mills comic book. It shows. It’s tailored to him, with fights that are tailored for his skills. There are a few explosions that add some spice to the proceedings, and a little humor. It’s a balanced action film that is perfect for a night at home watching some fun action films on Tubi.

Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1 (2020)

Scott Adkins accident man, fun action movies on tubi

Also known as

Crazy Samurai Musashi

, this film by director Yuji Shimomura (Death Trance, Re:Born) stars Tak Sakaguchi who he worked with on both his previous directorial efforts. They team up here to tell the story about Samurai Miyamoto Musashi, who fought 588 enemies in a single-day. The film depicts that with a 77 minute fight sequence without any cut. This sequence alone is worth watching the film to see how they did it. Tak Sakaguchi’s performance is the heart of the film. It is what makes it so good. The main reason to watch this film is Tak Sakaguchi’s fighting abilities, how he manages the exhaustion and how he expresses his self throughout this extended scene. The first three films in the John Wick series show how a story about a man seeking revenge can become wildly successful. The three films can easily be watched back-to-back-to-back, creating a sort of ultra long film perfect for an afternoon or evening in with blanket and popcorn, relaxing which random assailants get their faces bashed in, the knees and other body parts shot out, and revenge served upon the deserving and others who assist them in getting away. This is why these films are some of the most popular action films in the entire world. Being able to watch all three films in a single sitting is a great opportunity to catch up on the hype or revisit a favorite franchise.

Kung Fu Jungle (aka Kung Fu Killer) (2014)

With Donnie Yen as the star, this is a must-see. The man is synonymous with fun fight scenes and quality action. This film is available in English, Spanish, and the original language on Tubi. It is distributed in the US by Well Go USA. This film, directed by Teddy Chen follows a martial artist who is also a police officer as he is thrown into prison for an accidental murder. He then gets released when a serial killer starts hunting martial arts masters. This description alone makes it clear that there are plenty of great fights in the film. Yen’s skills as a fight choreographer and fighter are well-known, so the entertainment value for action fans here is high. Please note that the other Kung Fu Killer-from 2008. starring David Carradine is not quite at the same level. Consider this one as a “not fun” action film on Tubi. Van Damme is one of the most popular action stars in video stores and Tubi has many of his titles. This one,

The Bouncer

Donnie Yen Kung Fu Killer, fun action movies on tubi

is a mixture of action, drama and thriller. It brings a story which is more rounded than many of his direct-to-video releases. He plays a man working as a bouncer in order to provide for his young daughter. He soon finds himself in trouble and must make a deal with the police. The story may be a little generic, but the film makes the most out of it. It shows a Van Damme that his fans have enjoyed in his recent work. The action is woven throughout the film, and it works well in context. The story is more than just a series of fights. Director Julien Leclercq has a knack for balancing action and drama. This film is no exception. Tubi has a huge selection of films of all genres and they are constantly adding new titles. Some titles are removed, but they usually return soon after. So add them to your list and go through them at your pace.

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