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Arrow In The Head has compiled a list of the best horror movies on Hulu right now! We’ve looked at what they have to offer and compiled a list of ten of the

Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now. You can check out our picks below! We’ve looked over what they have to offer, put together a list of ten of the Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now

, and you can check our picks out below!


CARRIE (1976)The first Stephen King adaptation also ranks highly as one of the best. The first Stephen King adaptation is also a top contender. Director Brian De Palma, screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen and actresses Sissy Laurie and Piper Laurie gave Oscar-nominated performances. Carrie is bullied in school and has a terrible home life. We care about Carrie, and we want things to get better for her. But good things will not be. There have been a few other adaptations of Carrie

over the years, but they can't reach the level of De Palma's film. There have been a couple other adaptations of


over the decades, but they can’t reach the level of De Palma’s film.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-LXRCvM-jQPREY (2022)It was previously established in the Predator franchise that the alien hunters have been coming to our planet for centuries – so director Dan Trachtenberg decided to take us back to the 1700s for his Predator movie Prey

The Wretched

. This film is a return to basics, as it follows a young Comanche girl (Amber Midthunder), who encounters a Predator unlike any other. The story of

Prey, which is well-told and includes some cool kills, is simple but very entertaining. A particularly memorable scene involves the Predator taking down a group French fur trappers. We hope this is the start of a series that will show Predators in Earth’s history. The first drive-in movie in decades, The Worst, was the top box office hit for six weeks during the pandemic. It’s now on Hulu and I think that the attention and success it received was well-deserved. This is a good horror film, which is a new take on the Rear Windows/Fright night setup of a neighbor who believes something strange about their neighbor. The neighbor in this case is a child-eating, forest-based witch. The The Evil Dead is a film written and directed Brett and Drew Pierce. Their father Bart worked on the effects for Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. There is a touch of Evil Dead

to some of the woodsy horror of this film.


FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984)One of the best entries in the Friday the 13th franchise, this one finds Jason Voorhees stalking and slashing his way through a group of young people who have rented a house near Crystal Lake – and also tormenting the family that lives right across the rented house. This family includes a boy named Tommy Jarvis, played by Corey Feldman. Tommy would go on to become one of Jason’s greatest enemies. Tom Savini provided some amazing special effects for Friday The 13th: the Final Chapter. It was directed by Joseph Zito. Ted White, a stuntman, wasn’t thrilled to be playing Jason. However, he gave an amazing performance as the hockey-mask wearing killer, making his version genuinely terrifying. Hulu also has the first and third Friday the 13th

Little Monsters


LITTLE MONSTERS (2019)Writer/director Abe Forsythe’s Little Monsters

has a concept that sounds questionable at first, being a horror-comedy about a zombie outbreak disrupting a kindergarten class field trip to a petting zoo. The film is a fun and funny comedy that is carried by the great performances of Lupita Nyong’o as Miss Caroline and Alexander England as Teddy McGiggles who, when in a life-or-death situation, reveals to be a terrible person. The movie has heart, humor, and bloodshed – and despite the set-up, thankfully does not rely on zombie children.


ALIEN (1979)Often referred to as a “haunted house movie in space”, director Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien introduced audiences to one of the most iconic cinematic monsters of the last fifty years, the xenomorph. As a bonus, we get to see one of cinema’s greatest heroines, Sigourney, who plays the character Ripley. A group of blue-collar space workers responds to a distress call emanating from a moon that is uninhabited and discovers an alien ship filled with eggs… just in the nick of time, one of these eggs hatches. They’re soon trapped on their ship with a vengeful creature, drifting in space. This is the place where no one can hear your screams. This great sci-fi horror film spawned a franchise that went off in several different directions, but if you’re looking for scares the first Alien

has the most.


FRESH (2022)In its early scenes, director Mimi Cave’s feature debut Fresh

seems like it's going to be a love story about down-on-her-luck twenty-something Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) being swept off her feet by successful surgeon Steve (Sebastian Stan). The first 30 minutes of Mimi Cave's feature debut


seem to be a love story about a twenty-something Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) who is swept off her feet by successful surgeon Steve (Sebastian Stan). Then, things get really creepy. The film is a thriller that’s full of twists and turns and packed with thrills. Edgar-Jones’ and Stan’s performances are outstanding. Viewers who tuned in for a love story might end up appalled and gagging, but fans of horror thrillers are going to have a great viewing experience.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgTdARfATYITHE CONJURING (2013)Not many great movies have come out of the “Conjuring Universe”, but the main Conjuring

movies are leagues above most of the spin-offs that have been released over the years. The chemistry between Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and James Wan as married paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren is what makes this one of the most memorable haunted house films of the century. Their interactions alone would make

The Conjuring

worth watching, but then Wan surrounds them with masterfully crafted scenes of suspense and jump scares as they try to rid a family’s home of an evil spirit and dig into a back story of Satanism and witchcraft.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ8ByZQwftUMIMIC (1997)Mimic


may be the most compromised film on Guillermo del Toro’s resume, as he had a lot of problems with Dimension Films during production. It’s not the unfiltered del Toro but there are enough interesting and scary ideas to make it worth watching. The film is based on a short tale by Donald A. Wollheim and stars Mira Sorvino in the role of an entomologist that helps put an end to a cockroach epidemic by creating a new insect, the Judas Breed. This insect secretes an anti-roach enzyme. The Judas Breed does not die in six months, as was intended. After a few more years, the bug has evolved to the point that it can imitate adult humans. They then use this trick to prey upon people. Bug monster action ensues, and

Mimic turns out to be a decent viewing experience even though del Toro didn’t have a good experience making it. Hulu has both the theatrical cut and the director’s cut.ALONE (2020)It remains to be seen if director John Hyams will ever get the chance to shoot the Maniac Cop remake he has been attached to for years, but he did do one hell of a job with Alive, a remake of a 2011 Swedish film called Gone

. Jules Willcox stars as Jessica, who is a woman who attracts the attention of a predatory Man on a roadtrip. Jessica is captured by the Man, who takes her to a cabin in the woods. She manages to escape the cabin, but the Man follows her all the way out of the wilderness. 01001010Alone is a smart and intense thriller. It would be more popular if the title wasn’t so bland and overused. Hope more viewers find it on Hulu.01001010

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