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SymphonyOS and Groover will offer UnitedMasters artists exclusive access to music marketing and promotional tools designed to boost exposure.

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UnitedMasters, the leading software and services platform for independent artists, has significantly expanded its mission to empower artists at every stage of their music careers by unveiling two exclusive partnerships with AI-powered marketing platform SymphonyOS and the music promotion platform Groover.

The partnerships with SymphonyOS and Groover are part of unveiling a powerful set of artist tools designed to enhance fan connection and deliver breakthrough exposure to artists. UnitedMasters recognizes that one of the biggest challenges independent artists face is gaining exposure that truly matters. To address this, they are partnering with some of the most innovative players in the music market, offering cutting-edge technology solutions to catapult artists’ careers.

“Social media and the modern landscape have created countless new ways to be discovered and heard, but the space is crowded and confusing. Bringing in key partners, like SymphonyOS and Groover, helps put the promotional part of the artist journey on autopilot”, says David Reich, President of UnitedMasters “This frees up UnitedMasters artists to focus their time on what they love – creating new music and growing as entrepreneurs.”

SymphonyOS offers easy-to-use music solutions with smart, automated music marketing and ad campaigns. All current SELECT UnitedMasters artists will receive a two-week free trial and a 25% discount on a subscription (normally priced at $20/month), with 25 SELECT artists receiving $100 in ad credits to use towards their first campaign.

“We recognize that UnitedMasters has built an amazing team and amazing resources for their millions of artists,” says Megh Vakharia, Co-founder and CEO of SymphonyOS. “We’re excited for them to be our first partners as we look to bring our technology to creatives everywhere who are looking to grow.”

Groover unlocks access to music tastemakers, allowing artists to pitch their music to playlist curators and music professionals with guaranteed feedback. Along with expert feedback, artists get access to coaching prior to song releases, coverage within playlists, social media features, and the assurance that their music is heard by the right people. All current SELECT UnitedMasters artists will receive 20% off their first campaign, with 25 Select artists receiving €50 in credits to use towards their first campaign.

“With Groover’s rapid development in the United States, we’re proud to partner with UnitedMasters”, says Dorian Perron, Co-founder at Groover. “What struck us the most is the persistence with which UnitedMasters aims at providing a seamless experience and exclusive opportunities to their artists. This motivated us to provide one of our best deals so far for UnitedMasters SELECT artists, in order to help them get their music heard by the top curators & industry professionals of their choice on Groover.”

UnitedMasters continues to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the music industry, empowering independent artists to reach their full potential.

“With these new artist tools and exclusive partnerships, UnitedMasters is helping artists own their futures and propel their commercial success,” says Catherine Zielinski, Head of Strategic Partnerships at UnitedMasters. “We will continue to build out key partnerships that let technology do the heavy lifting for our artists, maximizing their time to follow their creativity.”

About UnitedMasters
UnitedMasters is the leading software and services platform for independent artists. Through our unique mix of premium music distribution services, innovative technology, and first-of-its-kind artist marketing solutions, UnitedMasters acts as the operating system that enables artists to own their futures. We fuel the careers of artists like Tobe Nwigwe, Brent Faiyaz and Liana Banks—and unlike traditional record labels, UnitedMasters artists retain full ownership of their careers and the master recording rights to their music. We connect the 1.9M+ independent artists on our platform with global brands like ESPN, Diageo and Pepsi. These connections are powered by our world class creative talent to propel the commercial success of artists and brands in today’s world.

About SymphonyOS
SymphonyOS is 6 years in the making, started by a team that has spent thousands of hours working side-by-side with artists. In 2016 Chuka Chase and Megh Vakharia started Integral Studio, an agency that built websites for everyone from SZA to Travis Scott. As they learned how fans and artists interact through those experiences, the agency expanded their services into merchandise and eventually digital marketing to help artists build sustainable businesses from their fans and how artists can develop “superfans.” In 2022, with the marketing expertise gained and the insights from fan data that they had collected since 2016, the team released the beta version of SymphonyOS—the first marketing platform built to help creators put their fanbase growth on autopilot through its suite of smart, automated marketing tools.

About Groover 
Groover helps artists get their music heard. Through an innovative web platform, Groover connects artists who want to promote their music with the best curators, radios and labels seeking emerging talents. On, artists can send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlist curators, record labels and pros of their choice, get feedback guaranteed, and coverage! More than 3 million pieces of feedback have been given by more than 3,000 active music curators and pros, 500k+ shares (reviews, playlist adds etc.) and 1,000+ signatures on record labels happened thanks to Groover.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG