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LAKE MARY, Fla., Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Exciting news from VITREUS, the trailblazing AI startup set to revolutionize Regulatory Compliance through Artificial Intelligence, as they welcome another Web3 celebrity into their core team.

Vitreus not only has recently been accepted into the WebSummit ALPHA program as a “startup of extreme innovation”, but they’re also making waves across numerous fields. Fresh on the heels of appointing the esteemed Brian Harrel of AVANGRID, VITREUS is also adding another prominent name to their roster.

Brian Evans, a prolific entrepreneur and influential figure in the Web3 technology arena is welcomed as the newest member of the VITREUS board of directors. Mr. Evans, alongside VITREUS’ CEO Chad Justice, is a battle-tested entrepreneur. Diverse tech industries, Mr. Evans brings innovative strategies, disruptive business models, and an extensive network honed over a lifetime of digital marketing expertise. Undoubtedly, the combination of VITREUS’ product offering around artificial intelligence via their patent pending COMPLiQ system and numerous large partnerships has paved the way for unprecedented impact.

While the appointment of Mr. Harrel was a momentous step for VITREUS’ exposure to the prestigious Energy & Critical Infrastructure sector, Mr. Evans is an appointment from a different angle, rounding out the team behind the VITREUS platform. As a renowned Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and recipient of the prestigious “40 Under 40” accolade in 2023, has consistently showcased his expertise across various domains. His visionary contributions to the Web3 space have left an indelible mark, earning him a coveted spot on the Forbes Crypto Top 40 list. Mr. Evan’s extensive insights, featured in top-tier publications like Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Forbes, and Influencive, have captivated over 32 million readers worldwide. His digital publication, boasting 100 million readers, underscores his remarkable ability to engage audiences.

Brian D. Evans to serve both on the Board of Directors of Vitreus’ parent company and the Vitreus core team

Featured also as a judge in “The Next Crypto Gem“, a TV series combining the excitement of American Idol with the investment drama of Shark Tank, Mr. Evans is at the forefront of mainstream media as it pertains to the adoption of new age technologies, such as cryptocurrencies. This inclusion marks an opportunity to amplify VITREUS’ exposure within a multitude of technical communities. With other esteemed partners like Red Hat, Cloudflare, and Western Digital, VITREUS has set the stage for its platform to have outstanding global impact as it moves forward towards capitalizing on the rising demand for automation within regulatory compliance. If you’re in the area, be sure to interact with the present team members as the Lisbon WebSummit this coming November at their booth and engage within the social media platforms to learn more information. 

As the VITREUS platform edges closer towards its expected Q4 2023 launch it will have its accomplishments and outreach amplified by Mr Evan’s impressive track record, influence, and expertise. The board of directors being assembled by VITREUS as well as the heavy hitter corporate partners already in league with the platform, is positioning VITREUS to be a critical new technology on the forefront of release.

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Celebrity - NOOR Magazine originally published at Celebrity - NOOR Magazine