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Hot Toys is about to release a great new life-like figure for Michael Keaton’s Batman from The Flash. Hot Toys is releasing a great new lifelike figure of Michael Keaton as Batman from The Flash.

After more than 31 years, Batman returns. Val Kilmer’s role as the Dark Knight is often criticized by some as being underrated. However, Michael Keaton’s performance as the Dark Knight was a huge loss. Keaton and Tim Burton redefined Batman for the public. The return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman is a major reason why

The flash has been so highly anticipated. And with this event, also comes the return of the merchandising, which was also big for the 1989 classic as the Batman symbol was almost literally everywhere

. Hell, it’s one of the reasons Jack Nicholson could’ve retired from acting after the first Batman, since he secured a percentage of the sales. CBM now gives us a look at the new life-accurate action figure of Michael Keaton in the cowl and cape from The Flash.The figure comes from the company Hot Toys. The official Instagram account has just released information on the new figure. The official announcement reads: “As we countdown the days until Michael Keaton returns as Batman in The flash Hot Toys are excited to launch the collection series based upon the movie by introducing an absolutely stunning 1/6th-scale Batman (Modern Suit). Pre-order the First Edition Exclusive Accessory, Batman Cowl with Stand, for a longer display. Both heads have interchangeable lower faces and separate rolling eyeballs for angle adjustments. Features a newly designed Bruce Wayne head sculpt, as well as a Batman Cowled Head with interchangeable lower face. The First Edition includes a Batman Cowl with Stand as a bonus accessory. It’s a superb collectible for fans of the Dark Knight!”


Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch