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This award-winning documentary offers thought-provoking glimpses of what a child’s shattered dream can do in the life of a highly talented musician.

NASSAU, Bahamas, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blessed Unrest, a documentary feature by Mari Bonnemaison, will premiere at the Bahamas International Film Festival on May 6, 2023 at the ocean view resort Baha Mar ECCHO Art Gallery at 5:45pm. Filmmaker, Director of Photography, Protagonist, and leading Bahamian Psychiatrist Dr. David Allen will also be in-person for the Q&A. This festival’s theme is the “Spirit of Freedom” which perfectly captures the story of Blessed Unrest. This year’s honoree is actor Morgan Freeman. For tickets to the film premiere, click here.

Blessed Unrest chronicles the life of composer and musicologist Michael Dodds, as he produces a four-movement symphony. It is the story of the healing power of creativity and love of the pursuit of a dream. The overview of the creative process of composing a symphony is rarely, if ever, shared on film. Also rare is to see the composer conducting his symphony and this provides an insight into the mind of a gifted individual.

Narrated by actress Rosemary Harris (Spiderman, Being Julia), the film is a journey that is breathtakingly beautiful with visual metaphors and deeply personal moments. Michael’s story begins in cacophony of nature in the Amazon rainforest, follows him through trauma, personal setbacks, and travels with him on an extraordinary journey of creation.  Blessed Unrest shows how Michael was able to reclaim his purpose and create a symphony of celebration. 

Blessed Unrest has been officially selected in seven film festivals and has been awarded best documentary at the following film festivals:

  • Berlin International Art Film Festival
  • New York Independent Cinema Awards
  • Hispanic International Film Festival

Blessed Unrest offers precious glimpses of what music, or artistic activity, can mean in the life of a highly talented individual. And the sumptuous cinematography and superb editing add their own comments in this regard.” – Ralph Locke, The Arts Fuse Magazine

“I have never sung a piece of music that the composer is also conducting. That was a new experience for me. And I thought…how exciting it must have been for Michael to have heard this beautiful music that he composed coming back at him.” – Laura McNair, Alto, Choir

The film was directed and produced by Emmy-award winner Mari Bonnemaison. Her passion for storytelling and her close relationship with Michael Dodds was the basis for producing Blessed Unrest. The director parallels the tools used in both music and film (i.e., filming in circles and musical circles). Mari knits the narrative with soundbites of the orchestra musicians, choir members, psychiatrist, friends, and family members. Mari’s intention was not only to touch lives with this film but also to explain the creative process of a musician.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG