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LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CTF (Change the Frequency) Global Ventures, the social impact fund that helps to finance the charitable work of the Opioid Awareness Foundation and many others, has partnered with Radiant Media, leaders in OTT and CTV entertainment, and Kycker, an all-inclusive platform for the music industry, with more than 4K artists signed on to date. CTF Global Ventures operates by partnering with companies that are aligned with their mission and synergistic with their causes. CTF has already established partnerships with several leading international companies, all focused on the bigger picture: industries ranging from media, music, tech, and streaming, to spas, holistic healing, and fashion.

In 2023, the public profile of CTF has been raised even higher, and they are very pleased to announce their two new partnerships. Rebranded as Radiant CTF in the partnership, Radiant Media, with their world-wide reach as leaders in OTT streaming content, will put a spotlight on the work of CTF and further expand awareness of the OAF. A portion of the proceeds from the merger will be donated to OAF. 

The second key partner, Kycker, is a U.K. based music tech platform whose mission is to level up independent artists and help them develop sustainable careers in the music industry.  They have signed up more than 4,000 international artists, provided them with the ability to release and distribute their music world-wide, and assisted them with claiming and collecting income that they were due.

The partnerships with Kycker and Radiant are crucial in order to fulfill CTF’s mission: to change the frequency, by spreading light into the darkness of opioid abuse in the entertainment and music industry.

Michael King, founder of OAF is a philanthropist, a social activist, and a warrior in life – and the battle he’s currently fighting is born of his own experience, having lost his daughter to addiction-related circumstances. Mr. King established the Opioid Awareness Foundation in January 2020, with one primary goal: to save the lives of others by protecting youth and raising awareness. Leading the fight against addiction, the mission of OAF is to synergistically unify influencers and role models who leverage their platforms as a means of promoting international awareness of opioid usage. With a global reach of 1.8 billion, the Opioid Awareness Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of 12 unique personalities, each at the top of their industry, along with an Advisory Board of 14 members.

Michael King believes there is one man who can single-handedly bring the entire world’s attention to CTF and OAF in 2023. American YouTube personality Mr. Beast, (Jimmy Donaldson), who has more than 150 million subscribers on his main channel, (and more than 244 million on his combined channels) is the most subscribed individual. Michael became aware of Mr. Beast through his eleven-year old grandson, who really looks up to the YouTube star. What drew Michael to Mr. Beast was one day when Antonio, who has lost both his parents to addiction-related issues, said in Michael’s presence “Mr. Beast is going to save the world”. Michael aspires to the same synergy, creating awareness through entertainment. Mr. Beast has been quoted as saying “I want to make the world a better place before I die”. In response to that sentiment, Michael states “His legendary generosity would be the perfect fit for a partnership with us, to save even more lives”.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG