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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BOM PIC Global provides talented filmmakers and content creators from developing countries opportunities to have their work streamed on a premium platform. BOM PIC Global TV app is the brainchild of BreakOut Music (BOM), whose films have been seen on Netflix, Amazon, and Tubi, while its Billboard charted artists have toured the United States and beyond.

With a keen eye for local talent, BOM PIC offers more than just screen time. It pairs local creators with the seasoned expertise of BOM’s decorated team of award-winning producers, visionary directors, editors, and celebrated artists, to guide them through the submission process.

According to Joint CEO, Peter John, “BOM PIC is a celebration of vibrant colors, authentic stories, and uplifting portraits of individuals from emerging nations worldwide. The incredible talent in emerging nations is a deep natural resource, and we believe is largely untapped.”

Whether you’re in the mood for a tune from an emerging musician, a story spun by a new-age poet, local perspective on the entertainment world, or culinary wonders from a resourceful chef, BOM PIC has curated it all. It gracefully melds this fresh content with an established catalog, comprising feel-good Hollywood and festive film favorites.

BOM PIC also serves as a platform for US-based feature and short-films that present people of color of all ethnicities without negative stereotyping. Miriam Bavly, Joint CEO, emphasizes that “BOM PIC is 100% committed to creating a respectable and colorful library that is truly entertaining for all people.”

BreakOut Music’s original cinematic gems, including “The Drone that Saved Christmas” and “The Microchip that Ruined Halloween, recently released on Amazon, Tubi, Vudu, Vizio and more in the United States, are also available on BOM PIC Global TV app  for viewers in emerging nations in Africa, South Asia, and South America.

You can check out BOM PIC in the app stores or here at: For  more information about Breakout Music and BOM PIC Global, please visit or email [email protected].


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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG