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The Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon included looks at Barbie, Wonka, The Nun 2, The Color Purple, & more!

The second day of CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, brought the Warner Bros. presentation, which kicked off with a sizzle reel that included quick glimpses of footage from Wonka, The Flash, Barbie, Aquaman 2, Dune: Part Two, The Color Purple, Mickey 17, Meg 2: The Trench, The Nun 2, Furiosa, and Joker: Folie a Deux.

Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, and Greta Gerwig were all on hand to talk about the Barbie movie, which reaches theatres on July 21st. Gerwig, who wrote the movie along with Noah Baumbach, noted that Robbie who produced the film was the one to bring her into it. Gerwig knew she had to direct it because when they were writing it Baumbach realized the script was so good he might want to direct, and she said, “Step aside, Noah,” and knew she had to direct.

Gosling said he doubted his inner “Kenergy,” but Gerwig and Robbie “conjured” something from within, and all of a sudden, he was bleaching his hair, shaving his legs, and rollerblading down Venice Beach. It was like a virus. America Ferrera wasn’t a Barbie girl growing up, but couldn’t help but be drawn in by Gerwig and Robbie being involved and said that after she finished the script, she was a Barbie girl.

Apparently, much of the Barbieland was practical. Gerwig said that the people who make the cars were just finished with the Batmobile, and couldn’t help but be excited to get out the paint and make some new cars. Robbie added, “You’ve probably never seen so many men come to the set, including the cast from

FastX. Being on the set was like a dopamine hit – it just made you happy.”Gosling added, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I finally understood how Dorothy felt.”

Attendees were then shown a new trailer that did a good job selling the fact that there’s a lot of music and dancing involved, which is fitting as Gerwig said “disco” was a big influence. The trailer begins with a funny clip where Barbie is having a party, and then ruins it by asking everyone if they’ve ever thought about death. She begins taking cold showers and her arches collapse. She is left with “flat feet” and is sent to speak to “Weird Barbie,” portrayed by Kate McKinnon. We also get a better look at Barbie’s trip to the real-world, but it seems like the majority of the film will be set in Barbie’s world. There will also be many cameos including one that I won’t reveal. It also looks like Gosling mercilessly steals the movie.

Warner Bros. also shared a new trailer for

Wonka, which showed that Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka was clearly inspired by Gene Wilder’s version of the character. Chalamet seems to be having a great time. The movie looks like Harry Potter meets Paddington, Willy Wonka, and the Chocolate Factory. Chalamet does a perfect Wilder impersonation. This movie is very different from the Tim Burton version. Hugh Grant is the main Oompa Loompa. Chalamet explains that he is playing the optimistic version Gene Wilder played in WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory. So Wonka, which reaches theatres on December 15th, is literally a prequel to that movie.WB then freaked people out by flooding the theater with people dressed as The Nun. The teaser revealed the character and title of the movie. Then, they watched a clip of a young Romanian girl who is bullied by other girls who force her to stare at the stained glass window. Then they leave her alone in the dark as The Nun appears behind her. She runs, but is locked in the church by mean girls. She is left alone to face The Nun. The trailer then shows a wave killings in Heaven. The Vatican knows The Nun’s responsible and sends Taissa, a nun who is no longer a newbie but has experience dealing with The Nun, to deal with the situation. It looks very stylish and it seems that WB spent a lot more on this than the original with some really impressive set pieces and location photography. They seem to have big ideas for the Conjuring Universe. Reid is a newcomer to the franchise, and doesn’t like scary movies. The movie was shot in an abandoned church in France. Farmiga says that she is easily scared. The trailer for

The Color Purple

, the musical version of The nun 2, should be available shortly. Winfrey’s Oscar-winning role in Spielberg’s original was her first film role. This version has hints of magic realist, which is different from the original which was more straight forward. The all-star cast includes Fantasia, who plays Celie Harris in the original. Colman Domingo is “Mister”, Celie’s abusive husband. Warner Bros. showed a first look trailer that promises to be a very different take. It looks stunningly shot and mounted. However, it will be interesting to see if this version is well received. The Spielberg version had a more gritty feel. Expect something completely different. They are also selling it as “not the Color Purple your mother would have seen”, so expect to see something very different. Spielberg is the producer, so it’s not just a remake. The Color Purple reaches theatres on

December 25th.

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