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The Movement Continues to Successfully Deliver its Intellectual and Political Philosophy of Moderation Over Extremism Through Creative Mediums.

ASPEN, Colo., March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since the Staunch Moderates Movement’s founding during the tumultuous 2020 presidential election and start of the global pandemic crisis, it has continued to push boundaries and grow its base through various effective creative endeavors. Leveraging the footing the movement established by campaigning at the presidential primaries with timely hot-button issue forums, political polls and entertaining podcast episodes, the decision was made to transition into music and film to further spread its message by attracting a wider base.

Staunch Moderates released two very chill and jazzy hip-hop albums in 2021 and 2022 (The First Realm and Mission Peace) and are currently in production on a third album that, like the first two, will speak to current events and what the movement is all about in a stylized lyrical fashion. The first two albums garnered a total of four Grammy ballot placements over the past two years. In late 2022, the Movement also finished the production of a feature-length documentary film detailing its novel beginnings, which has been accepted into eight film festivals/awards programs to date, has won two awards and allowed for the Movement’s world premiere at the Culver City Film Festival in December 2022. Through all of the movement’s different media channels, it is successfully striving to get its messaging out into the world to help heal a divided country and world. The Staunch Moderates movement is pulsating peace as far and wide as possible through its music, videos, writing, and documentary film. To date, Staunch Moderates audio and video content has achieved 76 million total streams and views.

Synopses of Staunch Moderate Studios Content:

Staunch Moderates Unbiased News & Entertainment
The Staunch Moderates Movement offers an alternative to today’s news and entertainment that’s constantly filtered through the lens of one political party or another. Staunch Moderates believes people deserve more and that unbiased news and entertainment should be the norm. The Movement is doing what it can to make it that way for those who believe in honesty and working together instead of partisan fighting and propaganda. The Staunch Moderates Movement maintains a dedicated news and entertainment YouTube channel for the latest stories, events, and media that it believes will be of interest to those who want a better country for everyone. Link to Staunch Moderates News YouTube Channel

The First Realm Album
The first album to be released by the intellectual movement, The First Realm is a collection of melodic spoken word tracks that provide a narrative of the history of the movement written and performed by Staunch Moderates co-founder Gregory T. Simmons and rapper Casanova Ace (a.k.a. Clemmie Garard). The album was produced at the famed Chicago Recording Company and includes contributions from notable producers and musicians, such as Jeff Skunk Baxter, former lead guitarist for the Doobie Brothers and founding member of Steely Dan and CJ Vanston, former keyboardist for Tears for Fears, who also collaborated with many of the greats throughout his career (the Dali Lama, Joe Cocker, Ringo Star, etc.) Skunk & CJ are non-political and collaborate for their love of music. The First Realm succeeded in garnering a Best Rap Song ballot entry for its track, Socrates Cafe, in the 2022 Grammy Awards. Link to The First Realm Album

Mission Peace Album – by “DJ Staunch and the Bigfoots”
The movement’s sophomore album Mission Peace was produced as a result of the popularity and success of The First Realm. The album was also produced at the Chicago Recording Company, and its tracks convey the movement’s various missives and endeavors of the time through the now familiar spoken word lyrical style of Casanova Ace and Gregory T. Simmons. A critical success, Mission Peace made it to the ballot of three 2023 Grammy categories – Best Rap Album, Best Rock Performance, and Album of the Year. Songs from the new album also have been added into regular rotation at numerous traditional radio outlets across the country. Link to Mission Peace Album

Award-Winning Documentary Mission Peace
Borrowing from its second album title, the Staunch Moderates’ new feature-length documentary film is also called Mission Peace. It chronicles the birth of the Staunch Moderates movement as well as the organization’s developments and journey throughout the 2020 presidential election. The film is a celebration of the movement’s goal to create a worldwide consciousness addressing the intellectual and political divisiveness in today’s society by practicing and promoting moderation and striving for national and world peace. It features a wide range of personalities, including the movement’s founders Gregory T. Simmons and Bo Persiko, as well as Clemmie Garard Jr. (aka “Casanova Ace,” rap artist and WWE wrestling legend), Bill Maher, Barry Goldwater Jr. (former US Congressman), Lou Ferrigno (former bodybuilding champion and advisor on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition), Maggie Connor (former Winter Olympian), Mamie Van Doren (Hollywood legend), and Edward P. Lozzi (publicist and former Presidential Press under Secretary for multiple administrations). Link to Mission Peace Documentary Trailer

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