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Gale Anne Hurd, the producer of the James Cameron film The Terminator

, reveals the reason why a crucial scene was cut. However, one deleted scene from the James Cameron movie has always left

Terminator fans wondering why it was dropped, and franchise producer Gale Anne Hurd has now explained the reason why.The Terminator deleted scene took place at the end of the movie and featured a pair of scientists recovering pieces from the destroyed T-800. The two scientists are revealed to be from Cyberdyne – the company that would later develop Skynet. Given that this scene helped complete the time loop, some fans believed that it should have been left in, but Gale Anne Hurd that James Cameron axed it because of the non-professional actors he was forced to use.

The Terminator financier John Daly’s Hemdale Films had an output deal with Orion Pictures but hadn’t yet made a hit (that changed with our film and Platoon),explained” Hurd said. “

They made us use financier friends instead of actors in this scene. This ruined it for me.“, Hurd said. She added that both were paid as actors through the Taft Hartley Act, but that Daly “insisted that they be in the movie because the financiers had been promised a return on investment and hadn’t yet received one.” Daly never believed the film would be a success.” The scene was scrapped as James Cameron “was never satisfied with ‘just ok’, even back then.” You can check out the deleted scene for yourself right here.Related

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Although this scene was not included in the first movie, its revelations were explored in the sequel.