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The Glorious Inferno

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Moe Taylor

BrainDagger Films presents your chance to be in a naked run for a film on body dysmorphia, enjoy comedy, music and films in a crowd charged with body positivity

CLEVELAND OH, 44135, OH, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Glorious Inferno: A Fusion of Music, Comedy, and Film Celebrates Unity and Empowerment inaugural Event August 10, 2024 at Beans Bike Park

Sherrodsville’s rural landscape is about to experience an unprecedented fusion of creativity and community engagement as Moe Taylor and BrainDagger Films present the Naked In Flames Music Festival, Skitzos Inaugural Comedy Festival, and the Naked Film Festival united under the banner of the Glorious Inferno extravaganza. This dynamic event will challenge societal norms, promote empowerment, and raise awareness on body dysmorphia and promote body positivity through a captivating blend of music, comedy, and thought-provoking films.

The Naked In Flames Music Festival, hosted by Beans Bike Park and in collaboration with Braindagger Films, is dedicated to raising awareness about body dysmorphia. This festival promotes improved overall health, mental health awareness, and affirmative action on these important yet often overlooked topics.

“This festival is more than just music; it’s a movement towards self-acceptance and community support,” said Keith Wisander, the visionary behind Naked In Flames Music Festival. “Join us as we challenge societal norms and celebrate individuality with a stellar lineup of musicians, engaging merchants, and a welcoming atmosphere.”

In conjunction with Naked In Flames, the Skitzos Inaugural Comedy Festival promises to infuse the day with humor and joy. Featuring a lineup of talented comedians, Skitzos aims to complement the music festival’s message of empowerment and inclusivity.

“We are thrilled to partner with Naked In Flames Music Festival to deliver a day filled with entertainment, enlightenment, and laughter,” expressed Mike Bradley. “Together, we can break down barriers and foster positive change in our community.”

Meanwhile, the Naked Film Festival invites attendees to be a part of history with THE SHOOT—an impactful film in pre-production created by Moe Taylor from Braindagger Films. This groundbreaking production features a scene with hundreds of naked individuals careening down a hill amidst dirt bikes and explosions, challenging societal norms and advocating for self-acceptance.

“We’re excited to showcase films that challenge perspectives and celebrate authenticity,” said James Lenahan, the mastermind behind the Naked Film Festival. “Join us for an unforgettable exploration of artistry and expression.”

Attendees of the Glorious Inferno can anticipate a diverse range of performances, activities, and experiences aimed at promoting self-love, acceptance, and positive mental health. From the liberating Naked Run to the eclectic Music Festival and the irreverent Skitzos Comedy Crew’s inaugural Comedy Fest, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

“We invite everyone to embrace themselves and challenge societal standards,” added Moe Taylor “Clothing is optional at The Glorious Inferno, so come prepared to rock out with your spirit ignited!”

The Glorious Inferno aims to create safe, inclusive spaces where attendees can celebrate authenticity and support one another. For more information and to join the movement, please visit www.braindaggerfilms.com or contact Moe Taylor www.braindaggerfilms.com. Official website coming soon.


The Glorious Inferno is proud to be a partner festival with the Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival, enhancing its global reach and impact on the film community.



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One of the films we will be showing. Directed by Moe Taylor

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