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The Flash has been on digital demand for over a month now, but it will soon be available in the Max library. The long journey of

The flash

reached home markets last month when the much-maligned movie became available on digital. The DCEU movie is now destined to premiere on Max, a streaming platform. The infamous reception of The flash makes it sound as if the DCEU is doomed. Meanwhile, the release of Blue beetle marks the beginning of the new DCU. James Gunn claims that the titular character was the first of his universe. The next Aquaman film, Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom is still waiting to be released. It was once thought it might be delayed for next year, but the Jason Momoa vehicle is expected to keep its date for December.Deadline reports that The Flash

is slated to make its debut on the Warner Bros. streaming service next week on Friday, August 25. The promotion of the film was unique, as it seemed to rely on the confidence that executives believed they had the next Dark knight in their hands. Ironically, they tried to reach Christian Bale on numerous futile attempts for a cameo. Warner Bros. decided to light a fire on the buzz for them to get word of mouth to gain awareness and curiosity since they knew their star, Ezra Miller, would not be able to do any promotion.After a long year in public relations scrambling, the film would lean further into the angle that Michael Keaton’s Batman makes his grand return in an effort to stoke the passion for nostalgia. Deadline reports that when the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film finally hit the screens, “it opened up to $55.1 million in its first three domestic days, and $64M during the Juneteenth holiday period.” The film, directed by Andy Muschietti, currently has a $268.5 million global box office total. The film, directed by Andy Muschietti has a global box office total of $268.5 million.” However, once the figures came in, all of those plans had been scrapped.


Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch