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CULVER CITY, Calif., Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sound Pressure Labs TrueSPL™ Real-Time Spherical Surround Sound is an official sponsor of the tenth-anniversary edition of Mix Presents: Sound for Film & Television exhibition and conference on September 30, 2023, at the Sony Pictures Studios, in Culver City, California, presented by MIX Professional Audio and Music Production Magazine.

Sound Pressure Labs will debut on the Sony lot the ‘TrueSPL Mobile Production’ facility, the first mobile facility in the US, following the footsteps of other global leaders in immersive audio.  TrueSPL Mobile produces sound recordings for concerts, events, live broadcasts, audio off-grid festivals, remote film locations, multi-track stems into surround sound arrangements and sound design for film soundtracks. TrueSPL Mobile is a line-level mobile production studio that includes a 6.1 Genelec 8040 Smart Active Monitoring system, including, 2 TrueSPL™ sequencers and 1 TrueSPL™ emulator. The mobile facility is solar and propane powered, equipped to handle surround and immersive formats for live production, recording, mixing and mastering, and digital encoding to 5.1, 7.1, and 7.1.4 onboard.  “TrueSPL Mobile we’ll be able to record and monitor immersive Spherical Surround Sound live from any site, and recordings can be brought into Pajama Studios for final immersive mastering, said Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way.

Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way has designed a system to have discreet control over the sound field, and he calls the immersive experience ‘Spherical Music’ or ‘ TrueSPL™’ which is a licensed trademark of Sound Pressure Labs. The Spherical Music Emulator is a custom-designed control package available to purchase and install in any sound system to upgrade it to an ATMOS music design studio for L-ISA touring rigs. TrueSPL™’ is a system linking multiple computers and signal processing equipment to create a three-dimensional control of the space, which provides quality quality-controlled signal processing system that interacts with L-ISA (a revolutionary combination of innovative loudspeaker configurations and object-based mixing and processing tools), ATMOS, and any 5.1, 7.1 and 7.1.4 surround sound format.

Pajama Studios and Gardiner Music Mentoring will be Northern California’s exclusive Studio to use TrueSPL™ for mastering services. Pajama Studios is the first studio to commercially beta test TrueSPL™. Pajama graced the cover of MIX Magazine in 1993 as ‘The Digital Studio’ and was considered by MIX as one of the “Great Studios of the World” and “Great Studios of the Western United States.”  Pajama has earned 42 Platinum and Gold albums to date. Gardiner and Telander see TrueSPL™ as the only bridge between distinctively creative musicians and the technical applications of Surround Sound to produce new revolutionary advancements in the music and film industry. “A film is but a daily, until you add the right spherical surround sound and music,” said Pajama Studios and TeaTime Films Director/Producer Paula Telander.

About Sound Pressure Labs
Sound Pressure Labs (SPL) is an established Music Technology and Production Company. Their innovations expand the potential and perception for the future of music concerning Surround Sound applications in film and music. SPL was launched in 2013 as a service model. It has evolved its TrueSPL™ technology to meet the needs of Composers, Musicians, Producers, and Engineers for Live Events, Production, and Post-Production processing. SPL continues to grow to serve an ever-changing music technology and entertainment world.

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