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Thanks! Naturals, a 100% full-spectrum CBD product line with organic ingredients — Available Now For Nationwide Shipping and Online

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Say thanks and give thanks with the all-new Thanks! Naturals, a 100% full-spectrum CBD product line with organic ingredients launching Spring 2023 and just in time for Women’s History Month. Founded by Harley Sutton, the direct-to-consumer brand is entering the CBD and wellness chat to spread gratitude “because saying thanks should be easy.”

“Saying thank you is not out of style, however, the old ways of showing gratitude certainly are. After struggling to find thank you gifts to show appreciation, I started a wellness journey to incorporate purposeful products with CBD and good-for-you ingredients that get you excited for your self-care rituals and make the perfect gratitude gifts that people will actually want to use,” says Founder Harley Sutton.

Thanks! Naturals is presented by the makers of the world-renowned Optimal Cleanse by East West Essentials, a celebrity favored nutritional and wellness supplement line with A-list clientele. Acknowledging self-gratitude and those we are thankful for, Thanks! Naturals is releasing a line-up including products with social-first, Insta-worthy packaging designed by Harley Sutton:

  • Full-spectrum CBD drops ($42.99): “Thanks for Everything” and “Thanks for Being You” CBD drops are formulated with organic MCT oil, natural citrus flavoring, and full-spectrum CBD oil and have vast benefits to help relieve anxiety and support sleep.
  • CBD-infused Pineapple Express Gummies ($42.99): Delicious gummies with full-spectrum CBD for wide-ranging benefits such as helping relieve anxiety and improving sleep.
  • CBD-infused Soy Wax Candles ($29.99): Chill-ax with plant-based soy wax candles made with 100% natural ingredients, essential oils and full-spectrum CBD oil. With an energizing citrus scent, the CBD candles come in three thankful messaging options: “Thanks for Being You,” “Thanks for the Hospitality,” and “Thanks for Everything.”
  • CBD-infused Soothing Lavender Body Oil ($28.99): The high-quality CBD-infused body oil is designed to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep, reduce stress, and combat skin dryness. The body oil is composed of apricot oil, peach oil, almond oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, and lavender essential oils.
  • Thanks! Naturals Gift Boxes ($79.99): Providing a variety of premium CBD-infused products, the curated gift boxes are thoughtfully-created gifts for anyone, any occasion or just because. Literally the whole package, the coveted gift boxes come in options such as “Thanks for Being You,” “Thanks for the Hospitality,” and “Thanks for Everything.” Each package comes with a CBD-infused energizing citrus soy-poured candle and CBD-infused Pineapple Express gummies and features selected products to personalize each gift.

Thanks! Naturals is making it possible to say thank you in a meaningful way that utilizes the benefits of CBD. Known for its therapeutic effects, CBD promotes relaxation, improves sleep, helps relieve anxiety, boosts moods and promotes pain relief. Formulated and manufactured in the United States, all Thanks! Naturals products contain high-quality, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD, grown and sourced from Nevada Crest Farms. Implementing high standards of white glove farming, there are no pesticides or herbicides in any Thanks! Naturals products.
Thanks! Naturals will be exclusively sold on www.thankscbd.com starting on Mar 23, 2023.

For more information and updates, visit: www.thankscbd.com or follow Thanks! Naturals on Instagram and TikTok: @thanks_naturals.

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About Thanks! Naturals

Thanks! Naturals founded by Harley Sutton was created to step up the thank you game with 100% premium cannabis-infused products made with organic ingredients and designed with purpose and gratitude “because saying thanks should be easy.” For more information, visit www.thankscbd.com.

About East West Essentials
East West Essentials was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jeanne Wilson and her daughter, Holistic Nutritionist Heather Wilson. Unlike many lines of wellness supplements, it is not owned by a large pharmaceutical company, rather it is privately run and operated by the Wilson Family with the sole goal of helping people achieve optimal wellness. East West Essentials presents its patients with a healing approach combining eastern philosophies and western science as well as exclusive nutritional supplementation. The original Optimal Cleanse by East West Essentials is the best-selling product designed to detoxify and provide optimal cleansing nutrition with A-list celebrity clientele. Visit www.eastwestessentials.com for more information.

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Thanks! Naturals Launches A New Way to Say Thanks With All-Natural CBD Product Line

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Celebrity - NOOR Magazine originally published at Celebrity - NOOR Magazine