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TAIPEI, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Internet provides limitless business opportunities, allowing visionary pioneers to profit tremendously. Now, an Internet celebrity’s monthly earnings may exceed the annual salaries of workers in many industries. On SWAG, the largest adult live-streaming platform in Asia, the success of a prominent streamer known as Nini has been witnessed. Nini never shows her face on camera, but her mysterious aura captivates her fans even more. Through private chat sessions alone, she earns an impressive monthly income of USD 20,000. Additionally, she insists on doing live streams only on her birthday each year, allowing her to earn over $40,000 on average every time she streams.

Nini is a 28-year-old Taiwanese, and has established herself as an iconic erotic Internet celebrity on the SWAG. After joining the platform for four years, she currently holds second place in both the global and Asian rankings. Nini maintains an enigmatic persona by selectively revealing glimpses of herself in posted photos and videos, often emphasizing only her side profile or back view. By concealing her true identity, she manages to maintain an ordinary private life with her circle of friends, even keeping her family in the dark about her career as an adult content creator. This aura of mystery intensifies the longing of her countless fans to establish a deeper connection with her.

Nini’s streams only occur once a year on her birthday. Despite this, she managed to earn an impressive USD 40,000 during her birthday stream last year. This means that Nini made the equivalent of an ordinary office worker’s annual salary in just one day.

The SWAG spokesperson disclosed that Nini’s primary source of income is her private chat sessions. Many fans eagerly sign up for one-on-one chat sessions with Nini, which allows her to earn between USD 20,000 and USD 30,000 every month. Adding up what she made with her birthday live streams, her average annual income is approximately USD 300,000 to 400,000! How enviable!


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Celebrity - NOOR Magazine originally published at Celebrity - NOOR Magazine