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The Open Beta release of the video game based on Full Moon’s Puppet Master franchise is now available to play for free on Steam

October Games and Full Moon Features have teamed up for a multiplayer PC video game based on Full Moon’s popular Puppet Master series – and the Open Beta release of that game is now free to play on Steam! Here’s what you need to know:

Get immersed in the Puppet Master universe by playing October Games’ Puppet Master The Game on STEAM’s Open Beta! It’s an online multiplayer PC game that is FREE TO PLAY and celebrates the 30 year legacy of the series. Select from a wide range of characters and iconic locations from the films. Play as the Human, steal Andre Toulon’s secrets of reanimation, and escape with your own life! Play as the puppets and protect the secrets of your Master at all costs! Buy the downloadable content based on the Full Moon Toys Action Figure Toyline to support the ongoing development of the game. Discover four amazing skin packs featuring cosmetics, emotes, and weapons for all of your favorite Puppets including Blade & Sixshooter, Pinhead & Leech-Woman, Torch & Jester and Tunneler!

Join the October Games community by becoming a member of their Discord server. You can chat with the developers there, track the game’s progress in real-time, and even join in community game nights. They have been focusing on the multiplayer aspect, but now they are adding a single-player sandbox mode to the mix. The single player mode,

Toulon’s Journals

will allow players complete challenges, battle bad guys, earn points, and find lost pages of puppetmaster Andre Toulon’s journal. The journal pages delve into the backstories of franchise characters. They were written by Natbrehmer, the author of Puppet Master: A Franchise Histories which you can purchase HERE. The audio logs will be available in single player mode. You can listen to these journals while you play. In a developer’s vlog it was confirmed that the human characters will have multiplayer bot support. Players will be able play as puppets and battle human bots. You can also play the Puppet master video game in a mode called Thief game. In this mode, a player can take on three puppets and try to steal the formula from the puppet master. Will you be playing Open Beta? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch