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A Significant Leap Forward Bridging AI and Celebrities

CULVER CITY, Calif., March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Iconic Hearts, the company behind leading social media apps Sendit, Noteit, and Locksmith, today announced its latest hit Starmatch just got a lot more versatile as its interactive AI chats now allow photo messaging. With the introduction of image recognition, Starmatch users can now share the world around them with their most admired celebrities, enabling more intimate and engaging conversations.

Starmatch, which reached #1 on the App Store, lets users discover and connect with some of the world’s most popular social media personalities, even when the creators themselves are offline. Each celebrity creates their own personalized AI that mimics their real-life behaviors, preferences, and experiences, allowing fans to form meaningful relationships with them. Fans can ask for advice, learn about personal details, or spark casual chats, and receive instant voice replies.

Starmatch was built to provide celebrities with the ability to connect with their online communities at scale. A common problem amongst creators is maintaining personal connections with their followers as their fan bases grow. Creators view Starmatch as the tool to amplify themselves given the time constraint to interact with their audience.

“AI will continue to reduce inefficiencies and our team is at the forefront of recognizing and building around these opportunities,” said Hunter Rice, CEO and Founder of Iconic Hearts. “I remember one of our team members talking about her experience managing a Sri Lankan team dedicated to responding to celebrity DMs. I was fascinated that this was a common solution for creators to scale their personal fan interactions. This was the birth of Starmatch.”

Starmatch differentiates itself from competitors by giving creators the control of operating and training their own AIs. Its engaging voice replies became the product’s main draw, but its new photo messaging feature allows for a much deeper connection. Once you download the app, you can begin to chat with creators by simply sending a text message. From there, you can upload photos, receive personalized voice replies, and build long lasting relationships with creators.

In a fast-moving digital world, Starmatch provides its users with the opportunity to connect with their favorite creators while helping celebrities engage with fans at scale.

Starmatch is available on the App Store at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/starmatch-chat-with-creators/id6448859512
And on Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iconichearts.starmatchapp&hl=en_US&gl=US

About Starmatch:
Starmatch is a product developed by Iconic Hearts, Inc., the leading Gen Alpha app developer behind prominent social apps including Sendit, Noteit, and Locksmith. The company is based in Culver City, California, and was founded by Hunter Rice in 2019. The company’s mission is to become the primary destination where every social interaction for Gen Alpha can happen. For more information visit: https://iconichearts.com/

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Celebrity - NOOR Magazine originally published at Celebrity - NOOR Magazine