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Thomasin McKenzie and Zoe Kravitz have signed on to star in director Mona Fastvold’s Self-Portrait, based on a novel by Rachel Lyon

Thomasin McKenzie of Last Night in Soho and Old and Zoe Kravitz of The Batman and Mad Max: Fury Road have signed on to star in the psychological horror movie Self-Portrait, Deadline reports. Based on the Rachel Lyon novel Self-Portrait With Boy, Self-Portrait is set to be directed by Mona Fastvold (The World to Come), who has also written the screenplay with Brady Corbet (Vox Lux).

McKenzie will be taking on the role of grieving photographer Lu Rile (McKenzie), who moves to a run-down artists’ warehouse in 1990s Brooklyn where she befriends Katherine (Kravitz), an accomplished painter who lives downstairs. Lu captures a horrific incident in a self-portrait when Katherine suffers a tragic loss. The image is sublime and horrifying. Consumed with by mutual grief and an intensifying relationship, the women find themselves haunted by a demonic force hellbent on shaking their realities.

Self-Portrait is expected to begin filming later this year. John Lyons and Margot Hand from Picture Films are producing the film. Hayley Theisen is the co-producer. Hayley Theisen is the co-producer.

The official description of Lyon’s novel Self-Portrait With Boy (pick up a copy HERE) gives a bit more information, and reveals a change that was made to the story for the adaptation: Lu Rile is a relentlessly focused young photographer struggling to make ends meet. She is in a desperate situation, working three jobs, caring for her father and worried that the warehouse she lives is being sold to developers. Lu accidentally captures a boy who falls to his death from her window in the background of an image she took for a self portrait. The photo is stunning, and it’s the best art work she’s ever created. The image could change her entire life…if she allows it. The decision to show the photo is not an easy one. The boy is the son of her neighbors, and the tragedy brings everyone in the building together. Kate, the boy’s beautiful mother, is also brought together by this tragedy. As the two forge an intense bond based on sympathy, loneliness, and budding attraction, Lu feels increasingly unsettled and guilty, torn between equally fierce desires: to use the photograph to advance her career, and to protect a woman she has come to love.

How does Self-Portrait sound to you? Do you want to watch a psychological horror film starring Thomasin McKenzie, Zoe Kravitz and others? Please leave a comment. If you’ve already read the Rachel Lyon novel then please let us know your thoughts.

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch