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Scarlett Johansson is seen in the Wes Anderson comedy

Asteroid City

which features aliens from outerspace. Johansson played an alien in the sci-fi thriller Under The Skin. And recently, the Black Widow actress has revealed that she tried out for another space-themed movie that she really wanted — 2013’s Gravity from the acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron. While promoting Asteroid City, Johansson spoke with Variety about two notable roles that she had been turned down for, although one of those stories had a happy twist ending.Johansson recalled her experience while auditioning for Gravity

, “I did a screen test for the movie Gravity, that Sandra Bullock is fantastic in, but I had to be in like the full, whole space suit thing, and sort of pretend I was kind of like floating in space. Even though I was just sitting in a chair with a helmet on.” In the interview, the Avengers star shared that being passed over for the role was a devastating loss for her, “I had wanted that role so much. It was the straw that broke a camel’s rear. I felt hopeless and frustrated. I felt like I was doing the wrong job. The work that I was offered was deeply unfulfilling. I was offered almost every Marilyn Monroe script. I was like, ‘Is this the end of the road creatively?'”Surprisingly, there was another loss her career almost suffered that some might find quite unexpected to learn. “I got turned down for two roles — the first was Iron Man 2

and then the other one was Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.” Of course, several movies and billions of dollars in box office gross later, we know how that worked out for her. Emily Blunt was originally chosen for the role of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow in IronMan 2. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Blunt could not film this movie. Johansson was brought in. Johansson was brought in to play the role because of scheduling conflicts that prevented Blunt from filming IronMan 2. Kevin Feige revealed that although the character has ended her journey and Johansson said that her time as Natasha is over, he still works with Scarlett in a producer capacity for a secret Marvel Studios project that will not be associated with her Black Widow role.


Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch