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E. Richard Johns

Ellias Merhige and Richard JohnsRichard JohnsRichard Johnsfounder of Argo Films and E. Elias Merhige, a US director and producer, have launched Promethean Pictures, a UK-based company, and have a number of TV and film projects in development. Merhige is currently developing

A survival tale called Howl. This is the story about a dog who was left behind by his family after his owners died in a car accident. Told from the dog’s point of view, he goes through a rollercoaster survival ride, eventually meeting an orphaned wolf-cub with whom he learns to cooperate and collaborate.

The producers said: “A rare, scripted film that treats animals as the main characters, calling to mind classic movies such as The Bear and The Black Stallion, Howl will use innovative, naturalistic and cutting-edge motion picture technology to tell a story about man, animals and nature, told not from a human viewpoint looking in, but from the animals’ point of view, looking out, at us.”

Howl is written by Christopher Monger, whose credits include Temple Grandin and The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, with Doug Allan, who worked on Frozen Planet, on board as cinematographer and Andrew Simpson as the wolf whisperer. Simpson’s previous productions include The Revengeant, andGame of Thrones.

Johns stated that the words unique and original are used a lot in this industry, but they definitely apply to Elias Merhige. He is, without a doubt, a true visionary, seeing things that nobody else sees and always pushing boundaries.”

Merhige said: “Richard and I had a brilliant creative partnership more 20 years ago and that spark never went away, binding us over the decades. Despite being forced off-radar for a while, I’ve never stopped generating concepts and working out new ways to bring them to life.”

Merhige’s credits also include Suspect Zero, and Din Of Celestial Birds. Merhige returned to film Polia & Blastema – A Cosmic Opera in 2022.

. Johns recently wrapped filming The Shepard starring John Travolta on Disney+. At Argo is he also developing the limited series Biafra with a team that includes David Oyelowo. He is also working on a slate of projects with Sympatico partner Min Lim of Double Vision in Malaysia.


Source: Promethean Pictures


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