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HERNDON, Va., Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Connect For Education Inc. (C4E), a leader in innovative music education for higher learning, proudly unveils a transformative collaboration with community colleges, launching a fully online AA-T in Music curriculum.

In a bold step towards democratizing access to world-class education, C4E introduces OnMusic Studio, an exclusive academic mentorship platform meticulously crafted to replicate traditional face-to-face instrumental instruction in the realm of higher education.

Within the secure virtual environment of OnMusic Studio, students engage with distinguished master teachers from renowned academic institutions across the globe. OnMusic Studio transcends geographical barriers with real-time connectivity, fostering seamless musical collaboration with virtually no audio latency constraints. Through OnMusic Studio the AA-T curriculum offers:

  • Interactive Full Semester Music Courses: Instructors and students engage in dynamic virtual or blended classrooms, offering real-time feedback and collaborative opportunities.
  • Customizable Courses and Asset Management: Institutions harness the advanced teaching assets and tools provided by C4E, tailoring courses to students’ individual interests and goals.
  • Performance Pedagogy: Mentors access invaluable strategies for guiding student performances through synchronous lessons facilitated by OnMusic Studio.
  • Technology Integration: OnMusic Studio seamlessly integrates into the institution’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) or can be used as a stand-alone C4E service.

Crafted to streamline administrative workflows and bolster world-wide access to accredited teachers, the AA-T online program empowers all community colleges with this transformative platform.

Dr. Steven Thompson from American River College shares his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to partner with C4E in delivering online AA-T music courses to our students. The thoughtful curriculum, access to high-quality lessons, outstanding global mentors, low-latency video conferencing, and affordability for our institution have fueled the development and expansion of our program while empowering students to pursue their individual musical paths.”

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For immediate inquiries contact Anita Horsley, VP Product Management directly at: [email protected] I Mobile: 541-255-6341

About Connect For Education Inc. (C4E):
Connect For Education Inc. (C4E) stands at the forefront of innovative educational solutions, dedicated to enhancing music education through technology and pedagogical transformation. With a steadfast commitment to accessibility and excellence, C4E endeavors to empower students and educators alike in their musical pursuits.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG