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Renegade Lemonade Wine Wins Best Wine at the 2024 St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renegade Lemonade Wine, a dynamic brand whose mission is to elevate and celebrate the lemon, has proudly made a significant impact at the St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival, a prestigious event that recognizes the individuality and excellence of standout culinary and beverage brands.

Alexandra Reiter, President of Renegade Lemonade Wine, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are so excited to be able to share the lemon love in Northeast Florida as Renegade Lemonade expands our presence in the state. We are also thrilled to be chosen as the People’s Choice award for Best Wine at the Saint Augustine Food & Wine Festival.”

Sara Donahue, Beverage Director at The AdFish Group, commented on the achievement: “Renegade Lemonade Wine’s victory as ‘People’s Choice Best Wine’ at the St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation in winemaking. It’s a refreshing twist that captivates the palate and resonates with wine enthusiasts. Congratulations to Renegade Lemonade Wine on this well-deserved recognition!”

Renegade Lemonade Wine stands out with its light, crisp, and refreshing profile, perfectly balancing tart and sweet notes. This wine not only shines when sipped on its own but also serves as an exceptional base for creative cocktails, adding a touch of sophistication to any celebration. Its versatility extends to culinary uses, where it enhances cooking recipes with its unique flavor.

Since its inception, Renegade Lemonade Wine has committed to redefining the wine experience by focusing on the vibrant essence of lemons. This recent accolade at the St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival underscores the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation, setting a new standard in the wine industry.

Renegade Lemonade Wine continues to expand its footprint, bringing its distinctive and celebrated products to new markets. This victory at the festival is a milestone that highlights the brand’s growing popularity and the enthusiastic reception from wine lovers and foodies alike.

For more information about Renegade Lemonade Wine, visit [https://renegadelemonadewine.com].

For more information about the St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival, visit https://staugustinefoodandwinefestival.com/

About Renegade Lemonade Wine:

Renegade Lemonade is light, crisp and refreshing with an exquisite balance of tart and sweet. Whether sipped on its own or used as a base for creative cocktails, or even used in cooking recipes, it adds a touch of sophistication to any celebration with its unique flavor versatility.

About St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival:

The St. Augustine Food + Wine Festival is a culinary celebration taking place in one of the country’s most beautiful and historic cities. A showcase of culinary, beverage and culture that highlights celebrity guest chefs, celebrity winemakers/ proprietors, local chefs, artisans and local craft spirits/beers.

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