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The mega-budget bubble in Hollywood is bursting this year. Summer tentpoles with highly recognizable IP names are taking a beating at the box office. Mid-budget films that appear to be riskier ventures have modest success. One film that straddles the line is the fifth entry in the popular


series. Insidious : The Red Door capitalizes on the loyal fan base looking for old-fashioned horror. According to Deadline, the Thursday preview numbers of Insidious : The Red Door are so good that they nearly pushed out

Indiana and the Dial of Destiny last night. The James Wan horror sequel, directed by Patrick Wilson, boasts a dramatic conclusion to the story. Insidious The Red Door managed to raise $5 million in early previews, which were screened in 2,806 locations at 4 pm. The horror film was close to earning the same amount as Harrison Ford’s final performance, which was $5.2 million. The week for Indy would top out at $94.5 million.As reliably successful as the Insidious films are, the franchise never truly garnered critical praise. Rottentomatoes’ critical ratings were 45% rotten while the audience score was 72%. The original film was rated the highest with a score of 66%, while the latest entry

Insidious : The Last key received a rating of 33%. Industry estimates predict that Dial Of Destiny will lose -60% of its audience despite the premium screenings on IMAX screens and other premium screens. The upcoming action-packed movie, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One starring Tom Cruise, is expected to boost the post-July Fourth movie-going attendance. Meanwhile, after Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings, another raunchy comedy romp, Lionsgate’s

Joy Ride also held previews last night and Wednesday at 6PM which brought in an estimated $1.1M. The R-rated comedy from Seth Rogan, and directed by Adele Lim, is looking at $7M-$9M at 2,820 locations.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8wXEak1cLg

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch