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SALT LAKE CITY, April 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — QuHarrison Terry, author of The Metaverse Handbook, and Emmy-nominated artist Genesis Renji today release “Double Tap,” the latest installment in their sonic storytelling project via VNM USA.

“Double Tap” is about navigating between reality and the dreamworlds we give our time to on screens. The track is inspired by Hassan Ragab, a interdisciplinary designer who has become known for his architectural dreamscapes generated using Midjourney.

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By many accounts, Hassan Ragab is at the forefront of AI-assisted image generation. But to Hassan, Midjourney is an engine for exploration. It’s the telescope he uses to discover new worlds and bring them into focus. After peering into these unknown universes, he returns with a perspective free from constraints – all of which expand the possibilities of his work in architecture, construction, digital fabrication, and furniture design.

Hassan Ragab teaches us that tinkering in dreamland will alter your view of the world when you’re awake. He proves that Generative AI Tools don’t have to silence human creation, but instead can amplify the artist’s voice and be megaphones for the spirit,” said QuHarrison Terry.

For example, in his “The City is a Tram” series of works, Hassan reminisced on his childhood in Alexandria, Egypt, looking at the city’s trams and feeling they were as big as buildings and could house entire cities. Using the text-to-image art generator Midjourney, he was finally able to convey that perspective he once held as a child.

“Everything fresh and great in this world starts with a dream beyond a screen. It begins with an impossibility and then someone shows us it’s possible,” said Genesis Renji.

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