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Quentin Tarantino almost followed up Reservoir Dogs with a Showtime flick based on a 1950s Roger Corman B movie.

After the success of Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino had his choice of pretty much any project he wanted…and he almost blew it by remaking a cheapo Roger Corman movie for Showtime.

Speaking on his Video Archives podcast, which he co-hosts with Roger Avary, Tarantino said he was approached by Showtime to take part in Rebel Highway, a 10-part tribute to B movies from the AIP catalog, all with a budget just over $1 million. “They wanted me do one. I really liked Rock All Night…and so I would have done this remake.” I really liked Rock All Night

…and so I would have done this remake.” For those unfamiliar with Rock All Night, it’s about two killers who take over a teen hangout spot and take them hostage.Notably, Tarantino would have made this Showtime collaboration his first go at revisionist history, long before The Hateful Eight and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood[that character]. Tarantino says that one of the characters is a singer, who is afraid to sing, until she’s coaxed into doing so. [The gangsters]In my version, was Elvis Presley. It takes place in Memphis. Elvis has an appointment with Sun Records to record a song for her but at the last moment he decides to cancel. “And that means it was Red West…And then they went and changed rock and roll history.”So, why didn’t Tarantino produce

Rock All Night for Showtime (and Tim Roth who he intended to cast)? It was a producer who was overzealous and used to working with John Carpenter, not Sundance sensations. There was something about how Debra Hill talked about it. She was a bit too enthusiastic that I was doing a one,” and even pushing for a theatrical release thus defeating the goal of the project. It made QT realize that he was not the right person to be in line with all these guys for this Showtime thing. I’m a bit of a man after Reservoir dogs. Maybe my next movie should be a little more important…” That next movie, of course, was Pulp Fiction, which took Cannes by storm, won Tarantino his first Oscar and went down as one of the most important films ever made. It’s a bingo.But Tarantino appears to have maintained a relationship, narrating
Super Pulped, and even mentioning Showtime as a potential avenue for his Rick Dalton TV show.In a revisionist interpretation, Tarantino would have made

Rock all Night, his second movie. This would make Once upon a Time in Hollywood, his tenth, and final film. In reality, QT chose The movie critic as his final film. Other actual contributors of Rebel Highway are Robert Rodriguez, Joe Dante and Ralph Bakshi. What other movie would you want to see him remake? Let us know!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy-0rHvmcOA

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