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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MasterExchange, a platform enabling individuals to invest in music in the form of royalty shares sold out its first offering in the song `Sofia‘ by Alvaro Soler, sold by the co-producer T.I Jakke. This unprecedented feat underscores the platform’s position at the forefront of innovative music investment opportunities in Europe.

Sofia,’ released on July 15th, 2016 has streamed over 2 billion streams across platforms and gone platinum eight times in Italy and two in Spain. Its steady stream of streams over the past seven years translates into an average historical yearly yield of over 10%, providing investors cash flow in the form of future music royalties.

“The response to this IMO has been overwhelming, showcasing the resounding appetite for music-based investments. Demand was so high that the offering was oversubscribed, attesting to the fan- and market appetite of investing in music.” Alexander Fred-Ojala, CEO at MasterExchange.

As the offering was oversubscribed, for those who didn’t secure shares in this IMO, the Exchange – the secondary market on MasterExchange – is an opportunity to buy shares traded between users. This platform allows users to buy and sell shares among themselves, fostering a dynamic and vibrant community of music enthusiasts and investors.

MasterExchange is now gearing up for several more releases and IMOs during the fall, and the team is truly excited about the music investment opportunities that they’ll soon bring to the world!

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG