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Combination brings a richer suite of services and powerful new tools to a full spectrum of clients

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Music Reports, Inc., the world’s leading independent music rights administration platform, has acquired music licensing and data platform Blokur. Music Reports’ acquisition of Blokur leverages the strengths of each to provide a richer set of services to a wider spectrum of clients.

Music Reports provides comprehensive services for all musical composition rights types, including mechanical, public performance, and synchronization rights, in over 200 territories around the globe. Particularly strong in music publishing rights administration, Music Reports has long been distinguished by its best-in-class Songdex® music rights registry and innovative solutions to rights challenges across streaming audio and video on demand, television, satellite and radio broadcasting, commercial music, user generated content, fitness, music instruction, and more. Music Reports manages royalties for billions of transactions per month.