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One-of-a-Kind Music Playlists Made by Randy Jackson to
Motivate, Encourage and Empower You to Live Your Healthiest Life

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unify Health Labs™ now has themed Spotify playlists in collaboration with music legend Randy Jackson. Randy Jackson’s and Unify Health Labs’ goal is to help people reclaim their health so they can live their life to the fullest. Through these heart-pumping, feel-good playlists on Spotify, they hope to get listeners up and moving more often to support their overall health.

This goal stems from Randy’s experience after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Following this diagnosis, he began a journey to revitalize his health but was faced with complex and confusing health-related information. He decided to do his own research by collaborating with physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts, and more, and he discovered the secrets to achieving great physical and mental health. As a result of his findings, he created Unify Health Labs to help people gain control of their health, just like he did. One of Unify Health Labs best selling products is Multi-GI 5, a powerful gut-health booster designed to improve weight management, increased energy, a healthy GI lining, and balanced gut flora for a renewed sense of whole-body health.

Randy Jackson says, “It’s about mind, body, and spirit. You need all three to truly change your habits and reclaim your health.” As a music legend, Randy knows the power music can have over a person’s mind and spirit, that’s why he’s worked with Unify Health Labs to create curated music playlists on Spotify here, to uplift and inspire people to get active and reclaim their health. From workout playlists to songs dedicated to women who rock, Randy Jackson and Unify Health Labs take a multi-faceted approach to healing the soul, mind and body through its products and playlists.

Randy Jackson and Unify Health Labs’ most popular Spotify playlists are as follows.

  • “Let’s Get it Started” Playlist – A selection of 30 heart-pumping songs from artists including The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Queen to help you hit the ground running to achieve your goals and get active. 
  • “Celebrate Love” Playlist – Forty-five upbeat songs by African-American artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Luther Vandross in honor of Black History Month to get your body moving and feel your best every day.
  • “Spring Into Action” Playlist – A playlist of songs in celebration of spring and new beginnings, this contains 35 great songs by artists like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Nash that Randy hopes will boost your mood and motivate you to start moving.
  • “From the Heart” Playlist – A Valentines playlist with 50 songs from the heart to energize your workout, make your commute joyful, or help you think about the special person in your life. Songs feature artists such as Elton John, Harry Styles, and Smokey Robinson.

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About Unify Health Labs:
Founded by world-renowned musician, record producer, and A&R executive Randy Jackson, the Unify Health Labs team develops multi-action health supplements inspired by Jackson’s own personal wellness journey. Each product helps people simplify their health routines and achieve optimal health. Unify Health Labs offers only the finest nutritional supplements backed by scientific research. Products are made with quality ingredients, free from preservatives, antibiotics, synthetic fillers, and food coloring, quality tested by third-party labs, and manufactured in the USA. Other best-selling Unify Health Labs products include Total Multi-Cleanse, Multi-Metabolic 5, and Multi-Digest 6. For the latest news, follow @unifyhealthlabs on Instagram.

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