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Academy Award winner Michael Caine delivered a humorous slight towards Steven Seagal after seeing 1994’s On Deadly Ground.

After a string of “Steven Seagal is…” movies — Above the Law, Marked for Death, etc. It was time for him direct his first movie: 1994’s 11001010On Deathly Ground. It was a dud, as expected, and Michael Caine acknowledged this at the premiere. In Nick de Semylen’s book, “Last Action Heroes” (which chronicles the best and worse action flicks of ’80s and 90s), it is revealed that Michael Caine was coy in his approach to Steven Seagal, with whom he shared a seat, when he expressed his opinion on On Deathly Ground

. Once the lights came up, Caine delivered his verdict to his co-star/director: “I really didn’t think it would be anywhere near this good.”Seagal, for his part, held no grudge against Michael Caine for his slight against On Deadly Ground

and was still proud of the movie. “I had some of the greatest directors in the world come to my premier…And I wasn’t really nervous about what they’d say, because I was very proud of my work.”To add insult to injury, Caine couldn’t enjoy filming On Deathly Ground

due to the locations. “I had broken one cardinal rule of bad movies…If a bad film is going to be made, then it should at least be filmed in a great place.”On Deathly Ground was filmed in Alaska Wyoming Washington and more. Caine has previously criticized the action flick, saying that “I was desperate to the point where I accepted a picture with Steven Seagal, a martial arts expert, in Alaska.” The movie was called On Deadly Ground and the title was to prove apt.” Wonder what Brian Cox thought of Michael Caine’s performance…Fortunately, Michael Caine avoided garnering one of the movie’s six Razzie nominations, while Seagal would “win” Worst Director and be nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Picture (as producer). For what it’s worth, Seagal only has one more Razzie nod for acting than Caine.Where do you put

On Deadly Ground

in the list of best/worst Steven Seagal movies?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2C-qbhhTWc

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch