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Introducing the Daniel Hertz Maria. 

VENICE, Italy, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Hertz is now introducing the first major advance in residential audio systems in many decades. Daniel Hertz is the only company that understands the difference between analog and digital audio, can measure it, and has a solution to deliver pure analog sound from standard digital formats including streaming. This technology, called C Wave (Continuous Wave Technology) is embedded in the new Daniel Hertz Maria amplifier.

Maria, designed by Mark Levinson and the Daniel Hertz team, is a single chassis with sound quality beyond the most expensive separate component DAC, preamplifier, power amplifier, and interconnect cables. Maria’s astonishing performance is due to exclusive Daniel Hertz semiconductors, software, and electronics architecture that combine to produce emotion beyond the realm of what the industry thinks is possible. 

Maria eliminates the disappointment of high-end audio at prices within reach., and comes in three versions, the Maria 50 (enough power for most people), Maria 200 (for maximum SPL), and Maria 800 (four channels for driving bi-amplified speakers).

The heart of Maria is a new type of audio amplifier chip called Mighty Cat, developed from the silicon up, the only chip with internal blocks that run the proprietary Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat software suite, which includes Daniel Hertz C-wave technology – the only way to obtain pure analog sound and feeling from standard digital formats.  

Mighty Cat, combined with high-performance regulated power supplies and extremely linear power output stages, takes music reproduction to a new level with elegant design, compact size, and lightweight, silent operation with no fans, low heat, and high energy efficiency. 

Maria includes new tuning software to obtain much more natural sound from high-quality speakers and headphones from many manufacturers with calibration to within tenths of a dB –accuracy never before achieved in residential music reproduction. Of course, Maria can be delivered with precise tunings for all Daniel Hertz speakers.

Mark Levinson says, “Daniel Hertz is the best of my 50 years of work in audio, achieving my dream of faithful music reproduction and offering a new, healthy model for serious music lovers worldwide.” 

Huey Long, CEO of Daniel Hertz, agrees, “this allows customers to experience the benefits of the new Daniel Hertz technology in their own homes, risk-free with a money-back guarantee.”

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