Legendary Diane Pernet In Her Own Words

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24Fashion had the honor of interviewing Diane Pernet, the Paris-based iconic figure, a legend who has made a name for herself as a journalist, curator, designer, critic, and a pioneer of digital culture. From her trailblazing fashion blog, to her filmmaking and creation of A Shaded View On Fashion film festival (ASVOFF), Diane has woven together several art-forms to create something new and unique – the fashion art film as a new vehicle for designers, filmmakers, and artists to create new means of self-expressions. In the more traditional media, Diane has written for Elle.fr, Vogue.fr, and been a fashion editor for JOYCE, Hong Kong. Diane brings the sort of personal experience and perspective to any in-depth analysis of the fashion world that is unique and unvarnished. Thank you Diane, and we hope to see the entries for ASVOFF 13 for ourselves this Winter!