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The ‘Alternative Storytellers Campaign’ Spans New and Returning Series Across Eight Special Episodes

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month which began on September 15th, LATV (, the leading English-speaking Gen Z and Millennial Latino entertainment network in the nation and the second-largest U.S Hispanic focused digital network, announced a full slate of specials to air throughout the month.

Shining a light on the legacy of past and current Latino artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and entrepreneurs, the first-ever edition of LATV’s “Latino Alternative Storytellers” campaign will honor 20 individuals who carry on the Latino tradition of storytelling and make an impact on American Latinos across the US. From the kitchen to the theatre, and fashion workshops to music studios, artists across all mediums will share how their stories fit into a larger American Latino narrative.

“Our vision at LATV has always been to ensure that all young American Latinos genuinely feel represented and ‘seen’ in the media,” says Andres Palencia, CEO of LATV.  “We do something revolutionary at LATV: We position Gen Z and Millennial Latinos as successful, aspirational, and vital driving forces of culture, art, and music because that’s truly what they are.”

“We did this at LATV by telling a more positive and authentic story about our community from the actual experiences and voices of American Latinos”, says Bruno Seros-Ulloa, President of LATV. “The universality of art and music allows us the innate power of genuine connection on a much deeper level. Andres and I couldn’t be more proud of this year’s awe-inspiring Hispanic Heritage Month culture and talent!”

Beginning Monday, September 18th, the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month specials and dates are below:

“The Big Deal” September 20

In this brand new series, L.A.’s hottest new Latino comedian Martin Rizo and Argentina’s funniest influencer Dakyta team up for an entertainment news show representing las chicas and los homies. The first episode features Martin and Dakyta hanging out with the stars of “Joy Ride” and singer Sofia Valdez.

“The Q Agenda” September 21

One of the most important aspects of storytelling is representation, and that is exactly what this episode’s guests do with vibrant authenticity. Joining our Hispanic Heritage Month special are Director Aitch Alberto and lead actor Reese Gonzalez from the upcoming film “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.” Ahead of the movie’s premiere at Outfest 2023, they sat down with “The Q Agenda” to share their seven-year-long journey into adapting this popular book to the screen.

“Pinkafe” September 21

Join us as we explore the vibrant world of filmmaking with our special guest, Eliana Reyes, a talented actor, model, filmmaker, and well-rounded artist whose work is making waves in the Afro-Latino community. From her unique take as a producer for LATV’s “Blacktinidad” and “Shades of Beauty,” we’ll delve into the inspiration and passion that drives her creativity and artistry in every area of her life. The episode will also feature the incredible Cynthia Fuentes along with an exclusive interview with the talented vocal coach and music entrepreneur, Heidi Rojas. Get ready for an episode filled with artistic wonders and inspiring insights!

“Blacktinidad” September 22

Discover the power of storytelling in cultural preservation and healing, with the hosts and guest, Gadiel Del Orbe. Plus, a unique compilation featuring LA-based Afro-Latino creatives as they share their profound connection to storytelling. Join us for a captivating Hispanic Heritage Month Special – Afro-Latino style!

“You, Me & Joe” September 22

Kicking off our special Malibu edition of “You, Me and Joe,” host Cinthya Carmona invites her friend and TikTok star @ItsBsd. The two get deep about the challenges and massive wins of dominating the fastest-growing social platform, all while sipping coffee from the backyard of a legendary beachside estate.

“Latino Alternative Storytellers Special” October 1

In a brand-new TV special meant to preserve heritage, LATV is honoring individuals who carry on the Latino tradition of storytelling and continue to make a strong impact in their community. Musical artist Jay Wheeler, Guisados owners Armando de la Torre Sr. and Jr., director Marissa Chibas, actor Bobby Soto, and fashion designer Brenda Equihua share how their approach to craft and artistry makes each of them Latino Alternative Storytellers. This special is hosted by Sofia Gutierrez (“Ganadoras,” LATV).

“Get it Girl” October 4

In this Hispanic Heritage Month special, the hosts of “Get it Girl” discuss the different terms that refer to their community (Latino/a, Latine, Latinx, Hispanic). Featured in this episode is La Libreria, Celene Navarrete, the first bookstore in Los Angeles with only Spanish books for kids and teens. We’ll also play a fun game about words that we didn’t know were part of the Spanish dictionary – you don’t want to miss it!

“Cultura Shock” October 9

The season 3 premiere of “Cultura Shock” celebrates Latin filmmakers and storytellers. Oscar-nominated director Maite Alberdi and actress Paulina Urrutia provide an in-depth look at their latest critically acclaimed film ‘La Memoria Infinita’ (The Eternal Memory). Then, series Host Anakaren Lopez meets with fans and the team behind Cinespia, one of the most unique movie-watching experiences in Los Angeles, set at the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

About LATV

Latino Alternative Television (LATV) is the leading English-speaking Gen Z and Millennial Latino entertainment network in the nation and the second-largest Latino minority-owned media network in the United States. LATV’s ad network reaches over 178 million individuals and reaches 19% of the American Latino demographic. A pioneering bilingual media company elevating Latino voices and redefining Latino culture,  LATV’s content emphasizes young Latino culture and Latina empowerment, as well as LGBTQ+ and Afro-Latino pride. For more information visit


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