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SINGAPORE, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 7, 2023, fans of the legendary Jackie Chan will be treated to three incredible releases. Firstly, his new film ‘Ride On’ will showcase Jackie’s signature style in a story about martial arts masters and the bond between a man and his horse. Secondly, the release of special edition CD and vinyl version of  ‘I am still Jackie Chan‘, which tells the story of his life, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the actor and singer they love. And lastly, KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION and DRAGON Brand Release New Limited Edition Collection. With these three releases, Jackie will celebrate his 69th birthday in the most fitting way possible: by sharing his talents and his heart with his global fans.

For decades, Jackie Chan’s emotional expression on stage and screen has captivated audiences of all ages, transcending cultural and generational boundaries. His iconic presence in the world of kung fu culture has influenced not only the film industry but also the fashion world. From his early triumphs to his personal struggles, Jackie’s unwavering spirit and energy have inspired countless fans worldwide. Now, his influence continues to resonate as he leaves his mark on both music and film, solidifying his legacy as a true global icon.

Prepare to be amazed as KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION, a cutting-edge lifestyle brand powered by the revolutionary Web3 platform KUNGFUVERSE, unveils its highly-anticipated collaboration with the Dragon brand, inspired by the legendary Jackie Chan and his iconic ‘Kungfu spirit’. The collection is a remarkable fusion of the best of both worlds, featuring meticulously crafted homeware, fashion, accessories, and more – all exquisitely designed with a focus on detail, innovation, and practicality. With each product produced in strictly limited edition batches, the brand promises to deliver an unparalleled lifestyle experience to consumers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Get ready for a ground-breaking collaboration as KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION and the Dragon brand join forces to elevate lifestyle design to a whole new level. With Jackie Chan deeply involved in every aspect of product design and development, the partnership embodies a shared passion for quality, innovation, and creativity. The result is an unmatched collection of premium homeware, fashion, accessories, and more, infused with the essence of Kung Fu culture and tailored to the needs of modern-day trendsetters. Discover a whole new world of style, where tradition meets functionality and everyday items become true works of art.

The KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION and Dragon brand collaboration series seamlessly blends creativity and meticulous attention to detail, effortlessly capturing Jackie Chan’s distinctive personality. The brand’s ethos is elegantly reflected in the material, design, and functionality of the products, with a focus on delivering practicality rather than just a simple logo. The Master Dragon Travel Duffel, a sleek and modern accessory, boasts genuine leather side panels in the shape of Jackie Chan’s iconic “J” initials and a convenient side pocket for storing travel documents, a nod to his eco-conscious living philosophy. The Kung Fu handcrafted decanters feature innovative designs, addressing the issue of difficult grips, reflecting Jackie Chan’s user-centric approach. The Kung Fu handcrafted crystal wine glasses, with their colour-coded bottom accents, offer easy recognition, making them ideal for various scenarios. Whether you’re exploring the world or your own city, these products embody the spirit of adventure and style that defines one of the world’s most iconic movie stars.

Excitement builds as the collaborative series plans to introduce a new and exclusive colour – JC Blue – in upcoming product releases. JC Blue represents the contrasting nature of Jackie’s personality, a colour symbolising the boldness and vitality of his action film persona with the values of serenity and sustainability that he embody his individual philosophy.

The “Kung Fu spirit” has transcended its origins in martial arts and athleticism to become a philosophy of authenticity and continuous self-improvement. It has influenced various fields, including movies, music, and now, lifestyle brands. KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION embodies this spirit, infusing everyday objects with creativity and skilled craftsmanship to push the boundaries of the trend field. By interpreting the “Kung Fu spirit” in a fresh and innovative way, the brand showcases limitless possibilities and inspires a new way of living.

Experience the immersive world of KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION at your fingertips with the newly launched global website, crafted by the prestigious London-based creative agency BRU:D. The site offers an intuitive and engaging user experience, showcasing the latest collaboration series with the Dragon brand, featuring exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. The limited edition collection is now available for purchase worldwide(, providing a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience that seamlessly blends the traditional values of Kung Fu culture with contemporary trends.

On April 7th, KUNGFUVERSE is set to launch a worldwide celebration of the KUNGFU LIMITED EDITION collaboration with outdoor ads displayed in core cities across the globe. From New York to Tokyo, and London to Seoul, these advertisements will showcase the brand’s innovative approach to lifestyle products, all embodying the “Kung Fu spirit” that Jackie Chan has brought to the world. This release will bring Jackie Chan’s unique personality and culture to an international audience and inspire people to pursue a lifestyle that values creativity, quality, and innovation.


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