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Innovative LA-based Film Tech Start-up Draws Investment from Top Industry Players.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KINO, the pioneer reshaping entertainment economics through tech, proudly announced an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round, raising a staggering $2M.

High-profile contributors to the round included Sequoia Capital’s Scout program, Blockchain Founders Fund, Slow Ventures, Metaweb Ventures, Genius Ventures, The Near Protocol, and an assortment of industry experts and angel investors. KINO’s mission is to equip filmmakers with state-of-the-art tools to engage, create, and monetize their content even before it hits the screens, addressing a massive gap in the market.

“During the production cycle, film and TV shows currently do zero marketing or product market fit,” states co-founder Daril Fannin, “This means that the industry is wasting billions of dollars annually, and our technology solves that inefficiency.”

With credits to his name like projects with Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel for giants such as Netflix and Disney, CEO Daril Fannin spearheaded KINO alongside Austin Worrell. Austin, COO, is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with impressive credentials from USC Law and the London School of Economics.

“The film and television creator economy is drastically changing— has drastically changed with the rise of the internet, and crucially social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok,” emphasizes co-founder Austin Worrell. “KINO empowers artists to harness these changes, unlocking new revenue streams and pushing for fairer industry standards.”

Already, KINO captivates over a million film aficionados monthly. Its avant-garde app, available for early access on the App Store, offers a plethora of features from celebrity live-streams and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to authentic movie merchandise and exclusive red-carpet event tickets.

With a powerful lineup of advisors and partners from industry giants like Netflix, Disney, HBO, and more, KINO is poised to make waves.

“The film and TV industry has often lagged in tech adoption. KINO’s groundbreaking approach bridges this gap, tapping into the creator economy and redefining audience engagement. We’re thrilled to back their vision.” – Tobias Bauer, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund.

KINO Studio brings the power of technology to film through community building, royalties processing, and IP discovery. KINO’s technology makes the entertainment industry faster, stronger, and more connected.

Daril Fannin (Co-Founder and CEO) is an executive producer, writer, and Army veteran who created, sold, and produced multiple multi-million dollar film and television projects with A-list talent such as Matt Damon, Peter Berg, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Austin Worrell (Co-Founder and COO) is a tech entrepreneur and graduate of the USC Gould School of Law, and the London School of Economics; his last Web3 startup reached over $10 million ARR in its first year with over 500k holders and a $500 million market cap.


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Celebrity - NOOR Magazine originally published at Celebrity - NOOR Magazine