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LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IFPI, the organization that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, has announced Jay Chou’s 15th studio album Greatest Works Of Art as the winner of the IFPI 2022 Global Album Sales Chart. Not only is this a first for Jay, but this also makes him the first Mandopop artist ever to accomplish this feat. This follows the amazing achievement for Jay where he became the first Mandopop act to appear on the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year 2022, charted at No. 9.

The Global Album Sales award is presented to the artist or group with the album with the most unit sales across physical and digital download formats. At #1, Jay’s Greatest Works of Art is followed BTS Proof (#2) and Taylor Swift Midnights (#3). This highlights the continuing importance of Mandopop music and reflects the increasingly diverse spectrum of music available to music lovers around the world today. Previous winners of the award include Adele (2021), BTS (2020), Arashi (2019), Cast of ‘The Greatest Showman’ (2018) and Ed Sheeran (2017).

In recognition of Jay’s achievements, he was presented with a custom trophy, with an inset of the winning album cover, by IFPI. Jay, represented by Edison’s Co., dedicates his first #1 IFPI award to his fans around the world, “In Hollywood, you might know Jay Chou as Kato in The Green Hornet; in Korea, the actor and director of the film Secret; in Japan, the actor in Initial D; or even the magician in the Netflix series J-Style Trip. But in fact, I am a songwriter and music composer. Thanks to all the fans who’ve been supporting my music since my debut in 2000. It’s very exciting to see Mandopop emerge at the top of the chart. I hope my music can stay timeless and be appreciated worldwide,” Jay describes music is alike magic, boundless without language barriers, “if you want to understand what my songs are about, you’ll need to understand the lyrics; therefore, I might write more songs in different languages in the future.”

Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI: “We are very pleased to present Jay Chou with the IFPI Global Album Sales Award – recognising his remarkable success in 2022 with the release of his 15th studio album, Greatest Works Of Art. His outstanding career, which has spanned over 20 years, is a testament to his truly unique talent and the exceptional relationships he has built with his fans all around the world.”

Referred to as the “New King of Asian Pop” by TIME Magazine (2003), Jay is widely known by his unique J-style ballads, and he has been writing all of his songs since his debut in 2000. The multi-talented singer made his directorial debut with award-winning film Secret in 2007, and he has also starred in Hollywood movies such as The Green Hornet and Now You Can See Me 2. The pop icon’s popular hit Nunchucks was selected as the end title song for the action comedy The Green Hornet. Jay Chou’s talents stretch across multiple dimensions, fueled by his determination to explore greater possibilities for his works, and his desire to bring Mandopop to the global audience.

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