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SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rising star J.K. Mac joined forces with the acclaimed rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again, who boasts a dedicated and passionate fanbase, to unveil their latest song, “Swear” (also known as “Wallahi” in Arabic, meaning “I Swear” to Allah). Debuting exclusively on Gala Music yesterday, “Swear” demonstrates the music industry’s shift towards web3 integration. The track will be exclusively available on the Gala Music platform for 60 days.

The track and music video for “Swear” debuted exclusively on Gala Music on Wednesday, March 20th at 9 am PST. Alongside the premiere, Gala Music launched Mystery Boxes for purchase, starting at the same time. These limited-edition boxes offer fans the chance to win $MUSIC & $GALA tokens, exclusive merchandise, including a special unreleased track from J.K. Mac, and more surprises. Additionally, “Swear” became available for purchase on the Gala Music platform yesterday at 9 am PST. J.K. Mac, fresh from the success of his sleeper hit “No Love,” and YoungBoy Never Broke Again, known for his lyrical prowess, have crafted this track as a declaration of spirit and authenticity in songwriting. The release was complemented by a music video that created a cinematic journey, further enhancing the song’s powerful message.

“Swear” stands as a testament to YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s remarkable talent and fervent fanbase. With numerous achievements under his belt, including making history as YouTube’s most streamed hip-hop artist for five consecutive years, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s influence is undeniable. This collaboration with J.K. Mac highlights his unwavering dedication to his craft, using it as both a personal journey of resilience and a source of strength. This collaboration represents a bridge between the energy of youthful, open-minded audiences and the innovative possibilities of web3 music distribution. By partnering with Gala Music, the duo aims to showcase the value of releasing art within a decentralized landscape, offering fans a unique opportunity to connect with their music on a deeper level through Gala Music’s exclusive experiences.

Exclusive Mystery Box Opportunity for Fans

To celebrate the release, fans now have the chance to engage with a special Mystery Box experiences. These limited-edition boxes ($9.99 each) will be available until April 22nd and offers a chance to win exciting prizes like:

  • Exclusive Merch: Snag limited-edition “Swear” collaboration merchandise, including beanies and hoodies
  • An exclusive unreleased song from J.K. Mac
  • Facetime with J.K. Mac Tickets: Each Mystery Box offers a chance to win a raffle ticket for a potential studio session with J.K. Mac.
  • Wallahi Badges: Unveil exclusive digital badges, some featuring varying levels of rarity (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). These collectibles could hold future utility within the Gala Music ecosystem.
  • Music Passes: Collect multiple passes to unlock ‘behind the scenes’ content from the ‘Swear’ music video or an extended version of a track releasing soon.
  • Studio Session Tickets: Each Mystery Box offers a chance to win a raffle ticket for a potential studio session with J.K. Mac.
  • Gala Tokens: Mystery Boxes may contain digital tokens that unlock additional value within the Gala ecosystem, including:
    • 500k $GALA (Gala’s native token)
    • 3,538 $MUSIC (Gala Music’s native token) – the “35” representing J.K. Mac and “38” representing YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s hometowns.

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