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LAS VEGAS, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Black Music Month ended, Larry Blackmon, founder and singer/songwriter of CAMEO, the legendary funk/soul band, celebrated his legal vindication for the brand he created more than 40 years ago.

Nearly five years ago, several former members of CAMEO, Nathan Leftenant, Arnett Leftenant, Jeryl Bright, Gregory Johnson, and Tomi Jenkins, sued Larry Blackmon accusing him of improperly preventing them from collecting digital royalties from SoundExchange, a musical technology payment service, also seeking a determination that they are co-owners of the CAMEO trademark. Additionally, these former members sought revenue from the exploitation of the CAMEO trademark, and from all business activities of CAMEO under numerous legal theories. Mr. Blackmon countersued the former CAMEO members for counterfeiting and infringing upon the CAMEO trademark.

The Court found that Tomi Jenkins was liable for counterfeiting and for infringement of the CAMEO mark. The Court left the question of Nathan and Arnett Leftenant, Jeryl Bright, and Gregory Johnson’s infringement for trial. The case settled shortly before the scheduled trial date with Mr. Jenkins and N. Leftenant agreeing to an

injunction against further use of the CAMEO trademark. Mr. Blackmon’s countersuit was largely successful as it validated his claim that he is the sole owner of the CAMEO trademark, and that no one else may use that mark for live performances or to market sound recordings without Larry Blackmon’s permission.

“Within the first 18 months of filing, several of the Plaintiffs’ claims were dismissed,” said Blackmon’s longtime attorney, Frederick N. Samuels of Cahn & Samuels. “Only two of the Plaintiffs’ five counts remained for summary judgment, tortious interference with contract, and a claim for trademark co-ownership. In its summary judgment ruling, the Court soundly defeated the tortious interference claim ruling that it was barred by the statute of limitations. After reconsideration, the Court further determined that Larry Blackmon was the sole owner of the CAMEO trademark. Accordingly, the Court dismissed every count brought by the former CAMEO members before trial, i.e., Larry Blackmon won on every claim brought against him.” Mr. Samuels continues, “Blackmon’s countersuit was largely successful as it validated his claim that he is the sole owner of the CAMEO trademark and that no one else may use that mark for live performances or to market sound recordings without Blackmon’s permission.”

“I would like to thank Attorneys Frederick Samuels, Jonas Herbsman, and Maurice Cahn, my Cameo management team, Kathryn Fain, Jay King, E’lyse Murray, and most importantly, my sons, Larry Scott Blackmon (Larry Jr.) and B.J. Wheeler for supporting me throughout this litigation.   For over 40 years, I worked extremely hard to avoid the pitfalls that typically disintegrate legacy bands. I loved these men as brothers, and appreciated their contributions.  I am saddened that this lawsuit occurred and took as long as it did to resolve itself.  However, when personally attacked in this fashion, I felt it was imperative to fight for that which I created, led, built, and represented for decades.  I could not be happier with the outcome.  Thank you to all of our fans who have stood by me throughout this regrettable ordeal.  Now I get back to the music.  Word Up!” – CAMEO founder, Larry Blackmon.

The ageless Blackmon truly looks forward to returning to the stages and entertaining his multi-generational audience while performing some of CAMEO’s classic, chart-topping hits including: “Candy,” “Word Up,” “She’s Strange,” and many more.  The multi-disciplined Blackmon plays numerous instruments, writes, and produces; has won several awards; sold over 18 million records and counting; and has produced for numerous musicians including: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eddie Murphy, and Bobby Brown just to name a few.

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