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BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, has recently introduced the Karaoke feature in its popular original music variety show Big Band Season 3. This move signifies iQIYI’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the entertainment industry with technology and bringing viewers a more immersive and interactive viewing experience.

With the recently introduced function in iQIYI’s China version App, it offers viewers a unique and engaging experience by enabling them to actively participate in the show’s performance. Through the interactive feature, viewers can sing along with their favorite bands and invite friends to join them for Karaoke online. In addition, iQIYI also provides a variety of interactive functions in the show of Big Band 3, including allowing viewers to enter the online chatroom to chat and karaoke together with other viewers, creating a sense of immersion and connection with the program.

iQIYI has witnessed a remarkable response since its premiere. Within one week, viewers’ average single Karaoke time reached 4.43 minutes, with an average of 2.86 singing sessions per viewer. Notably, one individual achieved a cumulative Karaoke time of 6 hours, demonstrating the feature’s captivating appeal.

As a popular IP of iQIYI, Big Band Season 3 has not only pioneered the genre of “bands” but also harnessed the transformative power of independent music within the Chinese music industry, captivating a growing audience and fostering more people to love and appreciate the “band” culture. The season showcases a diverse range of 27 bands, each representing unique music genres such as from rock, punk, metal, world music, electronica, FUNK, and DISCO, new wave, reggae and folk.

The success of the first two seasons of Big Band is evident in the tremendous reach it has achieved. The program’s songs featured on the show amassed an audience of 29.2 million across various social media platforms. Beyond China, Big Band Season 3 has gained significant popularity in some of the overseas market since its August release.

Since the launch of the Interactive Video Guideline (IVG) and Interactive Video Platform (IVP) by iQIYI in 2019, the interactive video platform has provided content creators with seamless channels to incorporate capabilities to realize an immersive viewing experience. It has pioneered functionalities such as viewpoint switching, picture-in-picture, multi-screen, bullet time, constantly enhancing the interactive experience of the platform’s video content.

One notable feature, “Chat Together”, allows users to stream content simultaneously by sharing invitation links with friends. This feature enables viewers who are physically apart to partake in a shared viewing experience, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Additionally, the iQIYI variety show Game of Shark introduced Shark Mode, enabling users to assume the identity of a character and join their favourite celebrities in collecting hidden clues and identifying the murderer, adding an immersive and thrilling element to the viewing experience.

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