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SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baby Poopshkin made his debut with the animated music video “Baby Poopshkin—My Masterpiece,” and already had 184K views on YouTube. Simultaneously, the Spanish version, “Baby Poopshkin—Mi Obra Maestra,” was unveiled, captivating a Spanish-speaking audience with 75K views.

Baby Poopshkin—My Masterpiece
Baby Poopshkin’s Musical Magic! Join the Fun with ‘My Masterpiece’ | Children’s Music Video
Baby Poopshkin—Mi Obra Maestra
Baby Poopshkin—Mi Obra Maestra Un Encantador Video Musical Infantil

In “My Masterpiece,” join Baby Poopshkin on a visit to a museum, where his desire to take home a painting is met with a resounding “NO NO NO” from his Mommy. Undeterred, Baby Poopshkin learns about the concept of a masterpiece—a cherished work of art hanging in a museum, acknowledged by all. Inspired, he embarks on a creative journey, determined to create his very own masterpieces, and demands that they all adorn the wall. The story concludes with Mommy’s innovative solution that preserves all of Baby Poopshkin’s art in one place. This delightful story encourages children to embrace their artistic talents and instills confidence in their own creations.

While Baby Poopshkin’s artistic spirit will resonate with children, parents will empathize with Mommy’s dilemma. Parents are all too familiar with the daily influx of artwork that children produce, each piece holding sentimental value. Finding a balance between cherishing their children’s creations and managing the abundance of masterpieces becomes an ongoing endeavor.

Written by the Team Poopshkin, including Kristina Nokes, Iraida Henderson, and Rob Nokes, the lyrics come to life through the beautiful composition and performance by Romina Gigena and Pablo Genuardi. The mixing of the music is done by Gary C. Bourgeois. The artwork and animation of “My Masterpiece” is the brilliant creations of Liliya Chagay, an immensely talented artist, and Director, Kristina Nokes.

To broaden its reach, the beloved song has been translated into Spanish by Romina Gigena and Pablo Genuardi, resulting in the version titled “Baby Poopshkin—Mi Obra Maestra.”

Baby Poopshkin, a spinoff from the Poopshkin Book Series, caters to preschool children. Unlike the Poopshkin Book Series, which features a more challenging vocabulary, Baby Poopshkin captures the hearts of young readers with its vivid illustrations and simple words.

Following the release of the animated music videos, children’s books “Baby Poopshkin—My Masterpiece” (English) and “Baby Poopshkin—Mi Obra Maestra” (Spanish) were released. Parents could look forward to obtaining these books in either Kindle or paperback formats through Amazon.

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Baby Poopshkin – My Masterpiece: On the Wall Wall Wall 

Baby Poopshkin – Mi Obra Maestra: ¡EN LA PARED! ¡EN LA PARED! (Spanish Edition) 

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