Esther and Morgan are the founding duo and married couple behind the Parisian label esther bancel.

esther bancel is one of the stylish and fashionable hand-made in France. They are committed to elegance and a mixture of traditional culture. esther bancel always not aiming at creating another brand, but focuses on creating a different experience brand from the original attire. Each year every collection of unisex pieces offers an incredible experience. Each piece made is well researched, studied, and created to disrupt the codes of elegance. However, there isesther bancel, tailoring pieces for those who refuse to choose between elegance & irreverence. They prepare unisex suits that are stylishly inspired by part of norms in society.


-when some see darkness, I often see poetry and romance-.


When did you first realize you wanted to launch a your own label?

Hello, I am Esther, the creator of the brand, I am 28 years old.esther bancel is my second brand…I created my first clothing brand at the age of 5… and that’s when I knew that one day I would create a second one (the real one).

It’s true that at 5 years old, I hadn’t gone beyond the stage of creating a name and a logo, but the idea was there.

So that counts, right?

I grew up in a family where we talked about art every day. A mother who painted all the time and gave me a taste for creation.So before being a lover of fashion, I am first deeply attached to art and artists.As a teenager, I discovered that by combining art and my way of dressing, I could impose myself where I did not feel legitimate. A social protection that allowed me to move forward despite my lack of self-confidence.I always knew that I was going to create, because it is anchored in the family, the clothing is imposed to me thereafter.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?