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Our creative team did an outstanding job developing a brand strategy that resonates with people looking for a better way to date in today’s digital dating world.”

— Ric Militi, CEO/Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the rising popularity of dating apps, InnoVision Marketing Group is proud to share its involvement in the creative branding development for a new event-based dating app, known as “YES.” The YES app is a San Diego-based dating app that facilitates connections through tailored experiences, allowing users to engage in different settings, whether one-on-one, double date or a group date. InnoVision created the brand, tagline and logo that reflects just that – How it all begins.  

With the strategy of just saying yes to real dates and putting an end to the repetitive cycle of swiping and awkward messaging back and forth, InnoVision created the YES app brand and name with two hearts and a location pin within the logo design. InnoVision formulated this idea that the brand must emulate the dream outcome of using the app – which is where two people come together in person.

“YES isn’t just about finding a date; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences together. Our growing user base and successful group events reflect our dedication to fostering authentic connections. Partnering with San Diego’s finest establishments, we offer exclusive benefits, ensuring every experience is exceptional,” says Jordan McMurtry, Co-Creator of the YES app. “Join us on YES and say ‘YES’ to meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences.”

“This campaign was exciting to create because the founders came to us looking for a complete brand identity, including a name and position tagline,” says Ric Militi, CEO/ Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group. “Our creative team did an outstanding job developing a brand strategy that resonates with people looking for a better way to date in today’s digital dating world. We’re excited to see our creative in action and doing so well.”

InnoVision Marketing Group offers everything under the marketing umbrella, with all services performed in-house and tailors the pricing and scope of each client partnership based on what stage of growth the company is in or whether the client is new or established. With this all-in-house approach, InnoVision offers clients brand strategy development, advertising, digital media, creative services, film production, talent and casting, social media & reputation management, traditional media, public relations and Hispanic marketing.

The design and creation of the YES logo adds to the marketing agency’s ever-growing portfolio of brands it has worked with. InnoVision Marketing Group boasts extensive experience in crafting compelling campaigns and driving brand growth for clients across various industries. The agency’s robust portfolio, coupled with its expertise in branding, positioned InnoVision as the ideal strategic partner to elevate the YES app’s commitment to allowing users to pick their experiences and make real connections, which is how it all begins. 

For more information on the YES dating app, please visit HowItBegins.com. For more information on InnoVision Marketing Group, please visit TeamInnoVision.com. For media inquiries, please email [email protected].

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