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BEIJING, Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from China.org.cn on China’s tourism industry:

Recently, a clip of a local Dongbei (northeastern China) chap leading thousands of tourists in a rabbit dance has gone viral. On the other side of the screen, those who were not happily dancing in the Harbin Ice and Snow World could only type crying face emojis in pure envy. 

According to official data, the 2024 New Year holiday saw over 3 million people visiting Harbin, where they skied, admired ice lamps, petted snow foxes, and watched reindeers, bringing in an income of over 5.91 billion RMB for Harbin. On January 5, the Ice and Snow Festival began, attracting more visitors to this city of ice. “Harbin” has indeed become the first celebrity city this winter.

The phenomenal success in the city’s tourism could be attributed to “right timing, right location and right people.”

As the capital city of Heilongjiang, the northernmost province in China, Harbin boasts a unique northern style environment, a relatively developed ice and snow industry, and a hospitable atmosphere. Imagine this, out in the air you can enjoy snow views and skate freely at -30°C, while indoors you can huddle near the heater and have a hot 40°C bath, experiencing the magical switch between the freezing cold and soothing warmth. Is there anyone from southern China who could say no to such temptation?

Besides, since the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, there has been a growing interest in winter sports among the general public. With the tourism market recovering, the need for tourist consumption is rapidly unwinding. Such context has provided the perfect timing for Harbin to lead China’s ice and snow industry to reach a new level.

Well, the most important recipe lies in the people part. And let’s give the floor to our colleague from Harbin.

Interviewee: Harbin Citizen Ms.Li
Q: We heard that Harbin have almost spoiled their southern friends. Anything you like to share?
A: Indeed. Recently a lot of unusual things are happening in Harbin. Like, little penguins are out in the streets welcoming tourists, drones are in the air carrying an “artificial moon”; “warm stations” are opened at roadsides, and aisles in Harbin’s central avenue were even equipped with anti-slippery carpets… As a local, I’ve never seen these before! “Rbin,” I’m getting to know you all over again.
Q: Why do you call Harbin “Rbin”?
A: Because we locals just can’t “hahaha”…
Q: Love the pun… But you do welcome all tourists, right?
A: That’s for sure! Harbin aims to be a “crowd-pleaser.” Whoever comes to Harbin is our dear guest, and we are determined to bring comfort and happiness to each and every tourist!

Though residents here have a laugh about losing the “hahaha” in Harbin, their behaviors have proven otherwise: Volunteers on the streets are providing hot tea for visitors to dispel the cold; some drivers offer free rides for tourists; the little “tangerines” from Guangxi and little “mushrooms” (children who come to Harbin for winter camps),which are affectionate monickers given by netizens, have received the most considerate treatment…All these efforts have demonstrated the dedication of Harbin to improving service quality and ensuring the happiness of tourists.

Harbiners have treated friends with maximum warmth and hospitality, and other places have been reciprocating such kindness. For example, 45 scenic spots in Guangxi province, the hometown of the little “tangerine” kids, have been open free to tourists from Dongbei (Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning province); Yunnan province, the hometown of those little “mushroom” kids sent 10,000 shares of flower-filled pastry and 10,000 packs of matsutake cookies to Harbin; and Zhejiang province claimed that the local specialty crabs and Dragon Well Tea are “all-you-can-eat” for their “Rbin” fellows… When we made this episode, the first batch of children from Dongbei had already arrived in Guilin, Guangxi province.

It is a good opportunity for various places to present themselves and echo with others, while serving as a window for China’s tourism industry to improve and thrive.

With the emergence of every celebrity city, new trends and opportunities will be bred for Chinese tourism.

Good job, “Rbin!”

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Ice and snow in Harbin: a new trend for domestic travel

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