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NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fosi Audio, a rapidly emerging HiFi audio brand, is dedicated to delivering a high-fidelity experience to music enthusiasts worldwide. Their diverse product range spans mini amplifiers, preamps, DACs, and speakers, with their compact Class-D amplifiers gaining particular acclaim. Over the span of six years, Fosi Audio has established itself as a HiFi brand recognized by audiophiles across the globe. Their distribution network now spans over 100 countries, with a staggering 20 million audio products sold. On Amazon, the world’s leading online shopping platform, Fosi Audio stands tall as a leading HiFi brand across 18 of its marketplaces, often securing the ‘best seller’ title and achieving a market share of around 20%.

In gratitude for the unwavering support from their fanbase, Fosi Audio are hosting a 6th-anniversary celebration themed “Together We Can…” All fans are encouraged to share their stories, photos, or videos of their experiences with Fosi Audio’s products over the past six years on Facebook. Participants stand a chance to win exquisite memorabilia from Fosi Audio, including their flagship product of the year 2023, the V3 mini stereo amplifier, the newly developed retro VU meter mini Bluetooth amplifier MC101 (currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, see link), and commemorative T-shirts specially designed for fans. Since the launch of this campaign, over ten thousand users have enthusiastically participated and shared their stories, showering Fosi Audio with heartfelt blessings and wishes for its journey towards becoming a legendary audio brand.

Moreover, with the theme “Together We Can Make Deals Epic!”, Fosi Audio are hosting grand anniversary sales across platforms like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and their official shop. Star products like the V3 amplifier, BT20A Pro Bluetooth amplifier, K5 Pro gaming DAC amp, Box X2 phono preamp, and M04 subwoofer amplifier are available at discounts of up to 20%. This fan appreciation sale will run for two weeks, starting on Sept. 19th and concluding on Oct. 2nd. During the sale, Fosi Audio will also host livestreams on Youtube and Amazon Live to draw the winners of their fans campaign and interact with fans instantly.

About Fosi Audio

Embracing a vision to create HiFi products that are “affordably priced yet deeply moving”, Fosi Audio remains committed to profound engagement with its user base. By understanding their needs, the brand translates these insights into impressive products through their R&D team with expertise in the audio field. The first half of 2023 saw the launch of their V3 mini amplifier first co-created with HiFi enthusiasts, which garnered widespread acclaim (See the video on Youtube “The Story Behind Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier”). Audiophiles were captivated by its stellar performance. More crucially, Fosi Audio’s commitment to truly user-centric design, coupled with a promise of a 2-year warranty for every product, has earned them high praise. Renowned media press like Wirecutter & Headphonesty, well-known audiophile influencers like Cheapaudioman & Z Reviews, and authoritative forums like AudioScienceReview have also given Fosi Audio their objective, positive, and sincere endorsement after rigorous product evaluations. Ryan Huang, the founder of Fosi Audio, said that their achievements today would not have been possible without the unwavering support of audiophile fans. They will keep the goal at heart: to redefine the value of home audio with unmatched performance.

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Music - TREND MAG originally published at Music - TREND MAG