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The Tim Henson Signature Series Neck pickup offers extremely diverse and unique voices in the same pickup. Thick neck humbucker tones from Voice 1, a substitute nylon string surrogate in Voice 2, and fluid and precise neck single coil tones in Voice 3, all packed into the same pickup.

The set’s bridge pickup combines a solid hot passive bridge lead tone in Voice 1, Tim’s idealized bridge humbucker tone in Voice 2, and a single coil combination tone that, when combined with one coil from the neck humbucker, produces Tim’s signature single coil combination tone.

The Fluence Tim Henson Signature Series is available is white and black “open core” (uncovered) sets.

After Fishman installed a set of Fluence Humbuckers into his live guitar, Scott LePage’s perspective on his leads shifted as his options of sonic versatility increased.

The Fluence Scott LePage Custom Series pickups are an Open Core Classic Humbucker with a slight aesthetics change highlighting a new look to the Fluence line. These pickups are available in white & black covers accented with gold slugs and screws.

Combining vintage PAF voicings, a hot-rodded bridge humbucker tone, and classic single coil tones, the Fluence Scott LePage Custom Series pickups offer unrivaled versatility with three complimentary voices in both the neck and bridge pickups.

Polyphia released their latest album “Remember That You Will Die” last October. The album includes contributions and collaborations with Brasstracks, Anomalie, Sophia Black, Killstation, $not, Lil West, Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and guitar legend Steve Vai.

The band kicks off a busy year on the road beginning March 24th in Nashville. The Remember That You Will Die Tour will see sold out tours in the US and UK/EU this spring, dates in Japan and Australia this summer, concluding with another 28-date run across the US this fall, their biggest to date, with support from DOMi & JD Beck and midwxst.

For over 40 years, Fishman has been providing musicians with high-quality gear that empowers—and inspires—them to discover their own unique, authentic sound. Fishman’s ongoing commitment to professional sound and quality has helped the company grow to become an industry leader in amplification, effects, and pickups for acoustic and electric instruments, MIDI control, and other product categories. Around the world and night after night, Fishman products are proudly played by musicians on stages big and small.

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