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Source: Film Independent

(Clockwise from top left): Adina Luo, Kirstine Barfod, Alina Simone, Chris Coats, Amada Erickson, Sisa Bueno, Gabriela Diaz

Film Independent has named the six projects and seven filmmakers selected for its annual Documentary Lab programme, designed to give creative feedback to filmmakers in post-production on feature length documentaries.

Director Alina Simone and producer Kirstine Barfod join the programme with their film Black Snow, about a homemaker turned journalist in Siberia who becomes the target of a government disinformation campaign. Chris Coats is a participant with

Flamingo Camp about the queer, trans and squatter community in the off-grid town of Slab City. The film explores the effects on the community after one member is brutally killed. From director-producer-cinematographer Sisa Bueno comes

For Venida, For Kalief, about a poetry-writing New York mother whose work echoes a movement for criminal justice reform. Gabriela Diaz Arp’s

Matininois the story of a multi-generational family of Puerto Rican women who transform their experience of violence into a science fiction film. Amanda’s

She Cried That Day explores the crisis of missing Indigenous women and murders through the lense of a woman haunted with her sister’s unsolved death.You have the Floor

is from Adina. It focuses on the Model United Nations team of a top-ranked US High School. The lab will feature mentors such as Chris Shellen, Ivete Luss, Bo Mehrad, and Amy Foote. Isabel Castro, Keetin mayakara, and Diane Quon will be the guest speakers at this lab. Daniel Cardone, manager for nonfiction programmes at Film Independent, the non-profit organization that produces the annaul spirit awards, commented: “Documentary film makers remain at the forefront in innovative cinema, telling stories with urgency and accessibility.” Our selections for 2023 Film Independent Documentary Lab demonstrate this emphatically, tackling cultural issues and events in a compassionate and creative manner.

Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch