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Chris Hemsworth already has an idea for Extraction 3, but it all depends on how audiences respond to the first sequel.

Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake for Extraction 2, but could he already be planning a return for Extraction 3?

The actor expressed his love for the Extraction franchise while speaking with Total Film. Chris Hemsworth stated, “I absolutely love it.“. “I enjoy playing the character. I love this world. I love that there’s something outside of Marvel with a little bit of a fan base, something in the real-world. I feel like we made an even better film than our first. It’s rare to see that in the world of franchises. Hemsworth teased that he has a good idea of where Extraction can go. Hemsworth stated, “There are so many possibilities for this franchise’s expansion and places it can go.“. “I am excited to see what the next adventure for Tyler Rake will be. We’ll see what happens with this one. We’ll see what people think and how they respond. I’d like to see another Tyler Rake story on screen if people are craving it. ‘I have an idea, but I won’t give it away here…Related

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” reads the official description of the upcoming sequel. “After barely making it through the events of the previous movie, Rake returns as the Australian black-ops mercenary tasked with a deadly mission: rescue the battered Georgian family of a ruthless Georgian Gangster from the prison in which they are being held.“. Sam Hargrave directed the sequel from a screenplay by Joe Russo.The trailer for Extraction 201

teased the brutal stunt The first trailer for Extraction 2 teased some of the brutal stunts in the film. Hemsworth has called it “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” The actor continued, “I’m not exaggerating.” It’s so rewarding. I would love to take this style and integrate it into a Marvel film, if I was ever to do another one.

Extraction 2 will debut on Netflix on June 16th. Would you be down for Extraction 3?

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