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Source: Courtesy of Carlos Jose Alvarez

Carlos Jose Alvarez

Mankind Entertainment has hired music producer, composer and songwriter Carlos Jose Alvarez to score Castro’s Daughter, which UTA Independent Film Group’s Alex Brunner represents for worldwide sales and has begun talks with buyers heading into the Cannes market.

As previously announced Ana Villafane plays the lead role opposite James Franco as Castro. The project was shot in Colombia, which doubles for Castro-era Havana. It is currently in post. Global sales talks continue with an eye towards having the film ready for Venice and Toronto.

Miguel Bardem directs the drama inspired by the true story of Alina Fernandez, the daughter of Fidel Castro who was born in 1956 and grew up in Cuba during her father’s early years as a revolutionary before he became the prime minister and later the president of Cuba. She became critical of her father’s regime and defected to the United States in 1993.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera and Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz co-wrote the screenplay to Castro’s Daughter. Mia Maestro plays Castro’s lover and Fernandez’s mother Natalia (“Naty”) Revuelta.

The supporting cast includes Alanna de la Rosa, Maria Cecilia Botero, Harding Junior, Sian Chiong, Rafael Ernesto Hernandez, Luna Baxter, Carlos Manuel Vesga, and Charlotte de Casa Bianca.

“When I was first approached by Miguel Bardem and the producers, I was impressed with their commitment to creating an authentic score that accurately represents Cuba and the people portrayed in this story,” said Alvarez, whose credits include writing the scores for Netflix’s Cocaine Cowboys: Kings Of Miami, The Road Dance, and HBO’s Revolution Rent.

“For me this is not just a historical drama, but something much more personal: it begins a conversation long overdue and exposes the truth. This is Alina’s brave story, as well as the untold stories of so many Cubans. I feel a heavy responsibility to honour my culture and my family. This story must be told and I’m grateful to be part of the team bringing it to life.”

Composing is currently underway with orchestral scoring taking place in Budapest. Alvarez also uses the music of his grandmother Angela Alvarez who fled Cuba in 1960 and became the oldest person ever to win a Latin Grammy Award last year at the age 95.

The deal was negotiated by the soundtrack’s executive producer and film’s producer John Martinez O’Felan. “We need to celebrate who we are today as Americans,” said John Martinez O’Felan. And as part of my path toward promoting Hispanic unity in America through film, music, and media, working with Carlos is a true joy and memorable experience for our creative team,” said O’Felan.

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Entertainment - Media News Watch originally published at Entertainment - Media News Watch